Z-Plugger and Z-Spray Junior for Sell

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    The Z-Plug is the first and only stand-on, zero-turn aerator. Its revolutionary design addresses the slow and labor intensive job of aeration.

    With ground speeds up to 8 m.p.h., the Z-Plug can cover over 100,000 square feet per hour. The full floating tine head can maneuver around trees and beds while engaged. A 2000 lbs. hydraulic lift picks the tine head up in 2.5 seconds. With several different attachments available, the Z-Plug becomes a very versatile machine.
    • 46" tine heads
    • 100 lbs individual weight blocks
    • 3/4" hardened tine
    • Up to 3 1/2" core depth
    • 5" to 8" tine pattern
    • Quick attach 20 gallon spray system with 4.9 gpm pump and 6" boom
    • 120 lbs. fertilizer spreader
    This unit is just like the Z-Spray Junior, which features a narrow 40" wide rear wheel base. Designed to handle gated and smaller properties, the junior boasts 20 gallons of liquid capacity and 200 lbs. of fertilizer. The rear fertilizer trays not only carry and additional 2 bags, they also add traction and stability. With a large 5.0 GPM pump, the Junior can spray from 1/3 gallon up to 1.5 gallons per 1000 square feet. All units feature our patented hydraulic hopper drive system. A proportional valve located in the control panel that controls the motor speed and can vary pattern width from 3 feet to 25 feet wide. This allows the operator to match the spread pattern to the spray pattern. Operator can then spray and spread at the same time.
    • Hydraulic hopper drive system
    • All stainless steel construction
    • Digital speedometer
    • Adjustable speed bar to hold ground speed
    • Integrated control panel
    • Foot operated control panel
    • Foot operated pump switch
    • 3 section boom with independent valves and low drift tips
    • 50' hose reel for spot spraying

    If you spray lawns dragging a hose or using a backpack, say hello to your new best friend. And the aeration part of the plugger is awesome. It makes a 21” walk behind aerator seem like those shoes strap on aerator. What a joke! A home in a development area will take you about 5 minitues to spray and 10 minutes to aerate. (And you don’t even get tired) I bought this unit new last year for around $8500. The z-plugger has around 80 hours. I sold my lawn business and now I need to sell the machine. Please call me if you have any questions John (918) 814-5646
    You can see more info at www.z-spray.com
    Looking to get around $7500 OBO.

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