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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by FishOn, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. FishOn

    FishOn LawnSite Member
    from ORF
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    A sea of Z on the mkt these days, & weeding thru em trying to decide best $ value/features is not easy. Read most of the "my Z is better because posts" here and there.

    Backup, I'm a homeowner with one acre, and 1/2 down the street, ~ 25 large oaks (zillions of leaves), considering replacement of my yardman (nothing wrong with him), searching for the last mower to buy. With an eye on starting a lawn service in 1-4 years for fun, $, and something to do in retirement.

    Looked at Toro, Hustler, Cub, and several others, just about all the homeowner up to diesel commercials. Then I found via lawnsite LESCO. And a nearby store had a 60" to sea.

    Z-Two 54 looks like the one. :blob3:
    BTW the tech/parts support guy is top shelf and the local great too. When will the 3 bag sys be out?

    Bob, any suggestions from you on bagger options, special deals on financing ...
  2. carb454

    carb454 LawnSite Member
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    Fishon, I had been looking at ZTR's for months (long story) but after nearly buying one (not a lesco)I stumbled across there website which really doesn't give much info on there ZTR's just that yes they are for sale:

    I looked them over carefully and ended up buying the 60" 25hp kawasaki and I like it very much! :D The ease of maintennance from grease fittings to belt changes and deck removal if neccessary is all rather painless. I also understand that these units are produced on the same assembly line as the cubcadet M-series (M60 equivalent to my 60") and when I enquired as to the price the website said $6,299 but was quoted $5,999 on spring sale.

    I your looking now is the time to jump the 54" was $5,799(sale price)
  3. carb454

    carb454 LawnSite Member
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    Fishon, I tried to reply a little bit ago(being new here), probably messed up.

    I also am a homeowner and having 5acres got tired of using my tractor with a 6' rear mower taking 4+hrs to cut the grass. Started searching out ZTR's about 6mos.ago and nearly bought another brand then found the lesco site with very little info on ZTR's although they did list the price which got me interested enough to look up a store and make yet another visit to look and test drive their unit ,and after checking the ease of maintenance and belt replacement I bought the 60" and now mow the whole property in 2hrs. flat with very little trimming!!

    They just so happened to running as spring sale and the 60" 25hp kawasaki was just $5,999 and the 54" was $5,799 but I don't know how long it will be on sale.

    IMO it fits my needs quite nicely and being a commercial unit should give me years of mowing pleasure....
  4. FishOn

    FishOn LawnSite Member
    from ORF
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    Lesco Z specs should be online, Once I looked at the specs was easy to choose.

    Hydro Pumps = Hydro-Gear BPH-10-A & Hydro Motors = Parker/Ross 15 across their line of Zs

    Match specs for all the others and Lesco offers its customers a quality product at a good price. Thanks LESCO!!
  5. Bob West LESCO

    Bob West LESCO Sponsor
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    Thanks for the posts, guys, and thanks for the support. Sorry there aren't more pictures online -- we'll have that fixed in a couple of months. Let me know if you want me to send you a brochure.

    Regarding the three-bagger option, we are looking at this option. Is this something that would have real value to you guys?

    As for financing, we're currently offering no interest until September and no payments until October.

    And I'm glad you guys are noticing the value LESCO provides. I want to make sure you understand how we do this as well, because it's not that we're producing cheap mowers. Based on how thoroughly you are shopping, I think you know that. But LESCO has a powerful advantage in that we buy direct from the manufacturer and then sell to you guys -- that's two-step distribution.

    Our competitors, on the other hand, sell to distributors who then sell to dealers who then sell to you guys -- that's three-step distribution. Three-step distribution means there's an additional profit markup in there, which obviously goes into the price you pay. Given that, you'll always pay more for a comparable mower when you don't buy LESCO.

    Thanks again -- let me know if you have any other questions,
  6. carb454

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    OH! Sorry for the extra post , I'm used to posting in real time(no wait period)

    Anyhow the bagger thing isn't something I would want with five acres(too much dumping) But I will say this My old tractor with rear mower would winrow unless the grass was totally dry when cut , but the ZTR doesn't winrow at all and I really like how the deck is attached to the frame with pins and levers VS chains :cool2:
  7. FishOn

    FishOn LawnSite Member
    from ORF
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    Re Financing: I would like some details of this option & how to work this out with the local manager.

    Re Grass Collection/Bager: I know almost nothing about them other than one type uses a deck driven blower & the other an aux gas engine. I would like Lesco to design a deck driven blower that offers a feature not available on the other blowers, if possible.

    A deck mounted and driven blower/shreader that has an intake port for connecting a ~6" vacuum hose. An interlock/bypass switch for the driver seat to allow the engine and deck to run without an operator aboard. I would like to be able to vacuum out flower beds and areas where the mower cannot be driven. That would be patent worthy.

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