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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pplm, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. pplm

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    I am currently using a tractor with a 3 point hitch and woods core aerator. Thinking about getting rid of the tractor and aerator to buy one of 2 machines. Any thoughts of which one would be better or would it be better to keep going with the tractor. I do have a ryan walkbehind I use it smaller areas.
  2. buttaluv

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    why would you want to do that? I was thinking about going that route (tractor/3-point)
  3. pplm

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    First of all it takes up alot of room. Second of all the tractor is fast but you have to go forward then backwards. When you go backwards you cover your cores with the tires. Dont get me wrong it is a whole lot easier then a walkbehind but just seeing if anyone thought a ride on would be easier.
  4. pplm

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    from Va
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    I cant believe that there isnt anyone that has any opinions on this??
  5. MnLefty

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    I can't compare the two since I have not used the LT Rich machine, but I will say you would not be disappointed with the Lawn Solutions ride-on. It is one of the best investments we've made. It does well on all types of properties, small and tight, large and open, hills are no problem. It is compact, quick, and pulls amazing plugs. If it weren't for a few 36" gates we wouldn't need a walkbehind at all.
  6. pplm

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    from Va
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    Can anyone compare the 2 machines?
  7. americanlawn

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    I trust you, so I'd like your advice. We currently use Ryan 48" tow-behind aerators (36" actual plug width) for large properties & open areas. With these "beefy" hydraulic-lift "tow-behinds", we can double the number of tines to pull out more plugs, but we have to add weights. Maximum speed = 8 mph. Plug depth varies between 1 inch to 3 inches depending on soil moisture and type. (I know a one inch plug is a rip-off)

    I also believe it's easier on the body to "sit" rather than "ride" (like turfcobob said before), and we use walk-behind aerators for trimming & gated back yards.


    1) We run "two-man" aeration crews, so would it pay for me to buy a Lawn Solutions ride-on aerator?

    2) Does "riding" the LS unit wear you out by the end of the day?

    3) How many aerations do you do each fall to justify the $8500 investment?

    4) Any breakdowns/replacement parts needed?

    5) What is the lifespan of the LS ride-on? (our Ryan tow-behinds are over 15 years-old, and they still hold up)

    6) What is the effective aeration width? 36" or what?

    7) Is customer support good & timely?

    rscvp, thanks cuz I'm still considering :waving:

  8. grassman177

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    always a discussion i want to be involved in, good questions larry.
  9. grassman177

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    i think the deciding factor on the machines for use "would" be production capabilities.

    They are both very good machines, but i already have zspray stuff, and standers which share many service parts.

    i see no issues at all with getting most areas very well with a larger unit as the 46in tine set for the zplug.
  10. hackitdown

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    I rented a Lawn Solutions rider this fall for a day. I did 10 or 11 large properties solo, in one day. It is very productive. It is about as tough on the body as mowing all day, no big deal. I can't justify the purchase price of $8500 since I only did about 20 aerations this year.

    When I used to rent a walk-behind aerator, I could do maybe 3 per day solo, but lawns around here are 15K to 30K sq ft. I would be exhausted in no time.

    Otherwise I own a tow-behind aerator that I pull with a ZTR. It can aerate a lawn just as fast as the LS rider, but the tow-behind takes 10 minutes to set it up on every job, and 10 minutes to get it back on the trailer. So I bring help to load and unload. And the helper will seed and fertilize if needed.

    There are some threads in the Lawn Maintenance & Renovation section of Lawnsite that really get into the details.

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