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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by a plus bob, Aug 26, 2009.

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    I was stopped by a fellow lawn guy who I had worked with at CHEMLAWN 20 some yrs. ago Hadn't seen him in yrs.Any way he has been thinking about buying a Z intermediate with the aux tank just like mine,and wanted to check mine out and ask a few questions.He was going to push spread then hand spray a 15,000 sq ft lawn.He was almost done spraying so I unloaded my Z finished his spraying then let him spread the fert.He was using a spyker spreader so we set it on the same as his spreader.He said I bet I can double my production with that and I told him on a bad day he could double his production.He said he stopped me to ask how I liked it but was glad to demo it and catch up on old times.He said a perma green wasn't a option and wasn't sure about a T 3000. After the demo he was sold on the Z-SPRAY and would take my word that it was the # 1 machine.Oh yeah he loved the 100 ft hose reel :laugh:

    Also told him about this site and to read up on the topic and make his choice.
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    Nice job bob -- us old ChemLawners are used to pulling hoses for sure, but that 'lawn guy' will be in 7th Heaven when he gets his Z. :usflag: COOL
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    It looks like he has already made his choice :weightlifter:
  4. a plus bob

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    The cool thing about this was he had no idea of who he was stopping until he realized he knew me.When I stopped I told the guy riding with me I know this guy and worked with him years ago.I laughed and told him double apps was old school :laugh:
  5. grassman177

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    i started out this way, then got smarter and smarter until shear demand forced us to get ride ons

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