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Z-Spray guys with auxiliary tank question


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Fellas, for those of you that have a Z-spray with the auxiliary tank I have a question. Although still out of season, I am starting or planning on what needs to be done to calibrate my equipment. While going over the used Jr 36 I bought I noticed the auxiliary tank does not have a pressure gauge although it does have the valve for bypass agitation. FYI, the auxiliary tank on this machine is independant of the main tank and has its own Delvan pump, coil hose and spray wand. I plan on using this tank for specialty herbicides like Q4 for post crabgrass control.

My questions regarding the auxiliary tank are.
  1. Shouldn't this setup have a pressure gauge on it for calibration purposes and to control the quality of spray.
  2. Do your auxiliary tanks have pressure gauges on them. If so is it the same as the one on you main tank.
  3. Off topic a little but what spray gun do you recommend for this auxiliary tank. As I mentioned above it will be mostly for specialty herbicides and fungicides. Some of which will be wettable powders. I had this gun recommended to me by a member here, let me know if there is something better out there for this application http://www.sprayparts.com/dealer/SprayParts/default.cfm?PID=1.12&SP_ObjectID=13925


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Grand Rapids MI
Don't really need on. Just adjust the pressure regulator valve to a flow that satifies you. Say 64 ounces per minute. In some cases electric pumps have an internal pressure setting--the pump cuts off at 40 pounds. Kicks back in when you start to spray.


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If it was an Isolated, it should have came with a gauge. It should be located near the throttle valve.
This one does not have one, I spoke to Tom yesterday. He said that the gauge wasn't completely necessary but I think I will add one to the system just the same. If possible could you send me a tighter picture of the correct plumbing and pressure gauge setup on the auxiliary tank along with an estimate on what parts I will need to correctly add the gauge to the tank. Thanks fellas!

Auxiliary tank.jpg