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    The Z-Spray Intermediate shares the same large granular capacity of the Z-Max, but is still small enough to get through 4 foot gates. With its large 4.0 GPM pump and 4 Hypro ceramic A.I. (air injection) nozzles for low drift, the Intermediate can cover up to 72,000 sq. feet* per fill. With a 3-section foldable boom, spray patterns can vary in widths from 2 to 8 feet and be shut off immediately with 5 psi check ball screens. Constant by-pass jet agitation makes spraying wettable powders permissible. A GPS speedometer is standard to assist operators with spray calibration. A Cox hose reel is equipped with either 50’ or 100’ of hose to reach small areas.

    The Intermediate has a total fertilizer capacity of 300 lbs. This includes the 200 lb hopper and the two rear trays, which can each carry a 50 lb. bag adding traction and stability. The hydraulic drive hopper system has an adjustable proportional valve. Independent from ground speed, the system can vary the spread pattern from 3 to 25 feet, allowing the operator to match the spread to the spray pattern.

    Powered by a 16 hp Vanguard Commercial V-Twin electric start engine with Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors, the Intermediate is capable of 8 mph forward and 4.5 mph in reverse. An adjustable speed bar allows the operator to lock in a desired speed. Our patent pending locking caster system assists for greater hill stability.

    *with ¼ gallon tips, factory set with 1/3 gallon tips. (Customer has option of tip sizes from ¼ to 1 gallon)

    $4950.00 or your BEST offer.


    $4950.00 or your BEST offer.

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    Wow. looks brand new! How many hours?
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    Significantly lower than 1000 hours.:confused:

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