z-Spray Intermediate chemical questions

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. ant

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    what have u guys sprayed out of your unit?

    i was thinking fungicides like bayleton ..
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    I haven't sprayed baleton, but I've sprayed probably 10 other fungicides, + drive, manage, merit, heritage, daconil, dithane, spectro 90, roundup. eagle, acclaim, primo,,, you get the idea.

    Key is to watch how thick your solution is and what volume of solution is required per M. Most, but not all fungicides require higher amounts of solution per M than you can achieve with the standard nozzle set.

    I got another set of nozzles from Tom at Z-spray that deliver about 1.42 gal per M at 3 MPH. This is the maxi mun volume you can get with the 5 gpm pump, the only other way is to slow down your travel speed even more. Takes less than 1 minute to change out the nozzles.

    The steps I take to load are:

    fill the tank half way to 3/4 full,
    turn the pressure regulator all the way down,
    turn pump on,
    and then slowly load the fungicides.

    With the press. reg all the way down the unit has much more agitation going thru the tank. But, without the tank at least 1/2 full you run the risk of creating a tank full of foam from the agitation. Also, if you are not careful and add the fungicide to quickly it will clog the main pump strainer.

    My background is golf course, I've been spraying fungicides 20+ years. In my experience this is the best piratical way to apply fungicides correctly with a Z-spray. The next best way is to break out the skid sprayer.

    It is really pretty simple once you try it once or twice.
  3. ant

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    thanks for the relpy..

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