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    Would the B&B turfco rack work for this machine?

    QUOTE=master gardener;4868565]We purchased 2 Jr36r s this year. Overall we like them very much and would buy more if a few changes are made to them. The major drwback with this machine is the build up of fertilizer. Some how pounds of fertilizer gets under the protective plates. The second issue is not the machine but the rack I purchased from the LT Rich. The rack doesn't have a bend to it, like all the other racks, so with the machine on, it is very low to the pavement.[/QUOTE]
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    I had a couple of guys talk about heating and bending the tube. Not sure I want to try that. Might just switch this rack with one from one of our pick-ups. I pretty sure the B&B and other racks will work. One thing I did that is working out great and I bolted a POWER LOCK to this rack. It is very secure and easy to get the machine on and off very quickly. No time spent strapping it down.
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    Just FYI. We have raised the hopper about 1.5" which gave us more angle for the fertilizer to fall off. Give us a call and we will send you an updated hopper frame. 877-482-2040
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    With the van...if more leaves in the springs do not help...you might try taller tires...or just more air.
    And take a look at the E Z-Hauler--they have been a sponsor for years.
    More strength, aluminum ramps and easy fold up. Up to 500 pounds. Easy store. Adjustable to fit aerators and slit seeders.
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