Z-spray on hills? certainly

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Tscape, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Tscape

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    So I was at this property today that always reminds me of the people who say, "the Z-spray is no good on hills". It always makes me chuckle. This particular slope is so steep that if it were any steeper you couldn't walk up it. I manage it on my Z-spray Max without a problem.

    Here is the trick. You can't have more than a bag in the hopper. That's it. Full tanks, empty tanks, no matter. Bags in the trays or no bags in the trays, just keep less than 51 lbs in the hopper. 52 lbs and the Z-Max becomes a terrifying sled.

  2. americanlawn

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    Tscape -- also looks like plenty of obstacles to maneuver around. I wonder how well a PG would do on this property??? Nice pic. Nice lawn. Nice machine! Thanks.
  3. Rlclawnguy

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    I've been a terrified sledder on a few occasions!
  4. Tscape

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    Me too! Ya learn though.
  5. tmorrical

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    "52 lbs and the Z-Max becomes a terrifying sled."
    I laughed my a-- off reading this. It only takes about one sled ride to figure that one out. Early in the day, large hilly property, 3 bags in hopper = one Z spray max in ditch and alot of work.

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    From where iam sitting thats not steep not nocking you just dont look steep compared to what you see around here these people are nuts for putting houses where they do
    Charles Cue
  7. TurfRyder

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    I like how your lawn looks much better than the neighbors! Putting fert bags in the back trays does make a huge difference. Sandbags or some other type of weight might be a better choice though.
  8. heritage

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    Just had a idea looking at the pic of your machene!

    How about in place of the liquid tanks, a "hopper system" that holds 200-300 lbs of fert (since that model can handle the weight) and the hopper system would "Feed" by convayer Belt, and would supply a small impeller system where the front fert hopper is located now?

    Could you picture this?

    Would be more stable on the hills for sure. Perhaps the Liq. system could be intergrated back there as well?

    Just a thought.


    GREEN-UP LawnSite Member
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    You want to see a z spray on steep hills. Come on down to cincy and I will show you some hills. I have done some sledding a few times, sucks when ya are heading right into oncoming traffic and parked cars. Go hard or go home,thats my motto. It is all how ya load it and operate.
  10. Rlclawnguy

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    It's scary when it starts going and there is know slowing or turning and right in front of you is a concrete base for a parking lot light pole. All I could think about is $8000.....2 weeks old....I had a job. Once my heart slowed down after I slammed into it and realized I was ok......much to my surprise I only bent up my bumper and one of the bars in front of the nozzles. I couldn't believe that that bumper held up like that. That was my first but not the last. I definately need to try this 51lb or less theory.

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