Z-spray owners -- answer some questions please??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LwnmwrMan22, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. LwnmwrMan22

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    1. How do you switch the booms off and on, is there a switch that you flip? Or one on each boom that you have to "twist" like on the PG?

    2. Can the hopper and sprayer both be controlled with the same switch? Or is there a switch / lever for each one?

    3. At any one time, can you actually operate the machine with 400 lbs of fertilizer on it? 200 in hopper, 100 in each tray?

    4. Where is the fuel fill?

    5. How well can you spray flowables? Or iron / micronutrient materials? Is it a machine that you're basically using to control weeds spot spraying, and spreading dry fertilizer?
  2. turfsurfer

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    LwnmwrMan22, I just bought my Z-spray jr. about a month ago and love it. Here aree some answers to your questions based on my limited experience so far.
    1) there are 3 valve levers which are almost at your fingertips while operating. The left and right ones control the left and right nozzles, and the middle valve controls the center 2 nozzles. The pressure adjustment valve is also grouped here.
    2) The hopper has a seperate handle from the sprayer. The sprayer has a switch on the control panel for longer runs or a foot activated switch for shorter runs and spot spraying.
    3)I have operated the machine with 200 lbs in the hopper and 50Lbs in each rear holding tray (I believe they are designed for 1 fifty pound bag each)= 300 lbs total. You do have to watch the hills with that much weight, as I think you would with any ride on setup, they WILL tend to point downhill and want to runaway.
    4) There is a 5 gal. fuel tank on the side of the machine, very easy for fillups.
    5) I'm basically using it for weed control and dry fert.
    Hope this helps.
  3. ChicagoLawn

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    Can you provide any pictures of your z-spray?????

    I'm very curious and quite interested........

  4. ANDY-W

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  5. Tscape

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    Best machine out there by far. Buy it!
  6. LwnmwrMan22

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    Turfscape -

    THAT was not the response I was looking for, I can look at a website and see what the machine looks like.

    I know by all the other PG/Z-Spray posts that you probably just about sleep with your Z-Spray, but I was looking for answers to some questions.
  7. ANDY-W

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    For the hopper there are two levers on the control panel. One opens and closes the hopper, the other adjust the pattern left to right. Their are two switchs for the spray system. One on the control panel. The other by your left foot. we use the foot switch most of the time so my operators can spray and spread at the same time. The boom is in three sections and controlled by valves. We can actually fit 250 lbs in the hopper. The trays in back hold 50 lbs per side, Not 100 lbs. There is aggitation in both tanks. We run pre-m thru the spray system in the spring and it does work great. We have also ran some fungicides thru it but we did change the tips and went upto 1 gallon per 1000. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  8. LwnmwrMan22

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    Andy -

    Thanks for the response.

    One more question, you're still talking about your Z-Spray Jr, right? Asking cause of the 50lb/tray comment. I'm looking at the BIG Z-Spray.

    I've got a chance to bid on a school district next year, and am trying to figure out how to spend my money, and find a piece of equipment to compliment my PG, to cover more area.

    The 120,000 / fill up will be easier than the 32,000 I currently have, but I can't decide if I should just buy a 150-200 gallon sprayer to pull behind a 4 wheeler. Then I'll have to buy a new 4 wheeler too, which isn't ALL bad.

    However it does eat up the money real quick when I know Chem-Lawn is doing this property for just under $5000 for one app of weed herbicide.

    It's the school district that I currently mow as well, and I can get the bid and the specs of what Chem-Lawn is doing, AND I've been told if I can come somewhat close to what they're doing it for (within $1000) that I can have the bid.

    Now I just have to decide how much equipment I want to purchase to pick up this spray job for approx. $5000. I know I know, the bigger the equipment, the more jobs you're able to bid as well, because not everyone has the equipment for the job.

    That's why I'm targeting school districts, parks, townships, city properties, areas where most people aren't able to do the work, plus the money is pretty much guaranteed.

    Now I just have to decide between Z-Spray or something that would cover 15-18'.
  9. ANDY-W

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    We do have a junior and the larger unit. The fert trays are the same size on both. We did buy the option 20 gallon tank for our large unit which took it up to 60 gallons. We spray a lot of cemetaries which are herbicide only jobs so the 60 gallons is nice. We have also tried off set tips on the outside booms which can get the spray width upto around 16' on the Z-spray. We also have a Toro wide app machine which is great on open areas but an expensive piece of equip. It sits around most of the time. You might try to find a used one.
  10. Tscape

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    I thought your questions had been pretty well addressed, so I was just chiming in. Yes I love my Z-spray. No I don't sleep with it. Yes, you came off like an ass. Well, good luck to you my friend.

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