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Z-Spray Problem

FBC Turf Solutions

LawnSite Member
This is what happens when you blow the hose off of the discharge side of a Z-Spray pump. It was a housing edition entryway on a very busy road. I didn't think it was as bad as this until I got back to the truck. I had a feeling I looked pretty funny from the looks of bypassers. The picture was taken after a 20 min ride home. Thank goodness for sunglasses and hats.


LawnSite Fanatic
I sure pays to wear sunglasses. I'm sure glad you protected your eyes.
I had a severe eye infection in one eye cuz I rubbed it when there was some kind of foreign matter in it. I could not see much for nearly a week. Made it really tough doing lawn care last week.


LawnSite Senior Member
New England
the things we have to go through just to make a buck