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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Trav, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Trav

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    just curious about how productive the zspray is. If you were taking care of a 45 acre property that was fairly open and had a few ball fields in it about how long would it take approximately? Or if that is too hard to give a figure , how long would it take to do a 12 acre park that was pretty much square? thanks for any help. Travis
  2. Pilgrims' Pride

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  3. sprayman73703

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    With my prolawn I can cover 12 acres in about 3 hours counting fillups. That is running about 5 mph. The prolawn is just wider, not to mention better. This machine has just been great to me.
  4. Williams Services

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    Here's my question ... what is the cost of the Z-spray? My understanding is that the PG is about $4,000 ... the Z Jr. is about $6,000, isn't it? I don't know that I can justify that much extra for, what appears to me, the same basic type of machine.
  5. DiscoveryLawn

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  6. jsw810

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    With taking the risk of being bounced I will reply with my insight. When comparing the two units in question ask yourself how am I going to use this. I don't know about you guys but I am very demanding of my equipment, I'm hard on it. Look at the two machines and ask yourself which one is going to hold up better, which one gives me the most capabilities. I did this and after reviewing both pieces extensively I bought the Z. Is is alot of money, yes. Is it a better machine, IMO without a doupt. In all fairness these two shouldn't really be compared because their in two different leagues.
  7. cemars

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    Two different leagues indeed. If you have a fair quantity of 5 acre plus properties, the Z-Spray will be a better value and based on my experience (yes, I do own both and can prove it) give you alot less headachs.
  8. Tscape

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    I do a 10 acre golf range in about an hour and 15 minutes on my Z-spray.
  9. Trav

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    Thanks for your input.
    what it looks like from the pictures of the pro lawn you can only spray, no granular is that correct sprayman?
  10. sprayman73703

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    No, Prolwan has an attachment that fits on the front that is a spreader unit. I don't have it but have seen it before and it looks good. I just don't apply granuler products in my services.

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