Z Spray Pump


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New Jersey
I already replaced my original delvan pump a few years ago with a Remco. Now this Remco will not pump out of all four spray tip at one time. The pump will only spray out of one tip at a time. Also noticed the pressure dropping off to nothing when using the gun. I backed the pressure all the way off with the adjust dial and then turned the pressure back up which temporarily mitigated the issue with the gun. Is there something I can service on the pump? Or is the pump shot?


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Check filter. Inspect filter gasket for suction leaks. Inspect hoses for kinks, blockages. Pickup tube can be plugged inside the tank. Clean those little nozzle filters.
Carefully check that the 12 volt battery and electric power supply is perfect. 11 volts is not enough. When the motor is running you should have 14.5 volts at the pump. Corrosion can damage the wire--turning 50 percent of the copper wire strands to green dust. Replace if doubtful. Check battery voltage.