Z-spray spreading heavy to the right

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    yes two of the blades are curved to the right. Will the lesco impellers fit the machine without alteration?

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    Thanks for the replies fellas, I seem to remember this subject discussed here last year. Hopefully someone will come across this thread and direct me to the original one. FYI, I have tried several searches and they came up empty so far.
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    The Ultra was fun (usually).
    I think I can picture the one large door that I have seen on Z-Sprays. I cannot help much. My only suggestion is a flat piece of plastic held with a screw. It could be rotated to cover more or less of the upper portion of the door opening. In theory, resulting in less and less of the product falling at the center of the spinner. (And less and less to the right). I can't figure out any way to adjust it without emptying the hopper. It would do the same thing as the Accuway adjuster only on the inside of the hopper--instead of the outside. Perhaps the Accuway teeth are too far apart, for small particles. Is the Accuway adjustment working at all--bent? Jammed? Corroded?
    I know, hard to see it when you are driving the machine. Two person job.
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    I too remember this thread. The guys who installed the LESCO impeller in their Z's said it did the trick.

    The size of each of the 2 impellers is identical. To install the LESCO impeller, just enlarge the hole in the collar of the impeller. Use a drill, and enlarge the hole very slightly so the clip fits in just like the Spyker. That's it. Total install time = about 5 minutes. Then I suggest moving the Accuway all the way back so it's totally out of the way. This should solve the prob. Please let us know how it works. Thanks. :waving:


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    I removed the accuway on my max, it only seemed to collect dust and cake up.

    I also ran my max for 4 seasons with the original style spinner with no problems, for some reason this year I felt it was spreading to the right, I put the lesco impeller on, no modifications to anything and have been just fine, I have spread back and forth as well as circular without an issue.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the info. Just ordered a lesco impeller for my Z.

    Always spread to the right and the accuway did not help at all. I pulled it back and also taped it so it wouldnt slide down. Been like that since the first time I calibrated it.

    My z-spray never striped unless on a newly established lawn where effects of the fert easily shows. I have to go over it perpendicular at half rate.
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    Where did you order yours from. Was it any particluar size. Or is it one size fits all
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    Ordered it from Rittenhouse. Its the Lesco 80# stainless spreader. I dont have model # but its the one with the two piece handle. They all might have the same impeller though. $27.95 shipped to MI.
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