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Z spray tips


LawnSite Senior Member
Owasso, Oklahoma
Recently purchased z spray jr 36 and can’t seem to get a darker pattern with the unit, currently running the lavender tips and following guidelines per the manual,

the manual spray Gun can get a deep color, but the biom unit barely looks I’ve sprayed? Running 40 psi per owners manual. the dealer has the red and yellow tips.

what am I missing here?


LawnSite Fanatic
Kalamazoo, MI
Also if your using the spray gun and still have your pressures set to boom spray, and gun tip is not properly adjusted you could be putting out 3x as much liquid than the boom which is why it looks darker


LawnSite Fanatic
Grand Rapids MI
Looks like the red nozzle at 3 mph puts down a gallon per thousand sqft. That is a lot.
A ride-on is not usually suited to applying liquid fertilizer.
Iron or micronutrients would probably work.
Herbicides should not give you a dark color.