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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. ant

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  2. ThreeWide

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    Do you have a skid sprayer in the back of your pickup?

    I was thinking of doing the same but concerned about access to the tank.
  3. ant

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    no i don't now but 2 years ago i had a lesco 50 gal. unit backed there..
  4. Rob Spread & Spray

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    How are you refilling the units? Being that you have both now and used to have the other PG's. What do you like best and why?
  5. ant

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    5 gal jerry cans
  6. Rob Spread & Spray

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    Being that you have both now and used to have the other PG's. What do you like best and why?
  7. ant

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    here is the deal.
    i need to go "out--of--site--out---of---mind" ..my trailer is to open,but i love that trailer that is only 9 mo. old:hammerhead:
    i had it custom made to fit two z pluggers...

    i am thinking on going unloosed trailer..
    here is what i am up against.

    1.i need to see what size i need (7x16)
    2. i like to see how wide of a side ramp door i can get.as you can see in the pictures above, i have a side gate were i can pull off the perm-a-green and when we aerate i plaCE THE Z PLUGGER IN THAT SPOT. i like that Side gate ,but i only have 5 lawns were i need the pg unit.

    3. place some fertilizer in the trailer.(i place less then 3/4 of a ton in my p/u and it seems enough for my part time operation.)

    4. able to tow it with my f150 2wd truck when my 250 diesel is down..(havent had problems yet..but thinking ahead) knock on wood..:hammerhead:

    5. good trailer not some flimsy junk that are out there (wells cargo-hallmark)
    6. hold my little spreader and miss. tools and some water..
    can you guys shed some insite on this..
  8. Tscape

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    Fert goes in the side door.

  9. FINN

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    I also have a 7x14 enclosed. Mine has barn doors in the rear. I take my z out when picking up fert and the fork truck slides a pallet into the trailer. I keep an 80 gallon nurse tank in the bulkhead with some tip n pours and back packs.

    I was towing this set up fully loaded with F250. The 250 was pretty much maxed out (and then some). I now have a Dodge 3500 dually and it handles this load fine.

    I use an aluminum ramp from use ramps to load/unload my z. It works well and is a one piece fold up ramp.

    I do have some concerns about the floor of the trailer being able to stand up to sliding pallets in over time. I have a loose piece of plywood on the floorto help absorb some of the wear.

    Your situation will determine what type of trailer you want as far as how you intend to load it with material. I have a compact tractor that I use for seeding and moving pallets of material around etc. I can load/unload from the back or the side. Lately with geting my round done and aeration seeding I seem to be loading and unloading a different product all the time.

    I would buy a decent trailer if you intend to keep it awhile. I have a Carmate. It's ok but not IMHO a heavy built trailer. At least not the model I have.
  10. Runner

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    A few things to consider is that with a trailer like Turfscapes and Finns setups.(it's funny - Turfscapes setup was the first thing I thought of before I even scrolled down to see he posted).
    With a dual axle trailer, along with greater capacity you are going to have much more stability in towing.
    I'm not sure, but with 14 ft., it would be too cool if you have enough room for the PG up front (to come out a side door), a pallet of fert. in the center (more over the axles), and the Zspray in the back. You would have room for chemicals on each side of the pallet. One question related to that...Is the Zspray longer than it is wide, or wider than it is long? Your push spreader could be hung up (handle down) on the left wall - right in front of whee the PG would go.
    Also, somehow, I'm picturing barn doors for the back (or cooler yet, a roll up - like on the cube vans) with a two pin quick removable aluminum gate for loading the pallet. The side door would be the same way. A flip open door (and catch latch for when it's open) with a drop gate just inside.
    The beauty of a roll up door on the back, is that it could remain open through the day if you'd like - utilizing a bar-latch setup (like you now have) to hold the gate up. Just some thoughts...:)

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