z spray vs. permagreen

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rozellelandscapes, Oct 9, 2011.

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    You bought your PG from the guy in KY right? How did it work for you this year? I bought the other unit he had....
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    The one we have was brand new 4 years ago. We also use a new T
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    I have had both this year and to me the permagreen does better with the granulars than the zspray. It has better control of where the granulars are going. The Z just slings it out there. You will get more product on the road, sidewalks, and in the swimming pools; even when using the deflector.

    The Z however does a better job when putting down the liquids. There is not even a comparison.

    The Z is much faster on large areas and the same on small areas. What you have to look at is the cost. If you are buying new no matter what, then the Z is the way to go. But you really cant beat a used permagreen centri for around $1800. You really need a lot of square footage (acres) to justify the Z. I Guarentee you that the $8500 that you think the Z cost will be more like $9500 by the time you add all of the extras that are great and that you DO need on the Z
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    A little miscommunication on my part. I already own a 2004 permagreen ultra and it is getting old and unreliable. Now I am upgrading to new permagreen or z spray. It takes me 5 days per app. currently with a permagreen. I do around 3,000,000 sq ft during my busiest application of the year and around 2,000,000 sq ft the rest of my applictions (I do more sq ft during late fall app. as I do one app. a year for a few big church properties). I do think I am leaning towards the z spray intermediate. But not sure if it will be efficient on those small 5,000-10,000 sq ft properties. Any thoughts?
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    Most of my properties are between 6,000 and 20,000 sq ft. The only ones I don't spray with my z spray are the back yards I can't get into. No problems on small properties. If you do get the Z, then get the foam marker and a 7 gallon aux tank. Also upgrade to the 100 ft hose. A Z is a must for me and I only have 1,300,000. But I do it as a 2nd job so I needed something that covered a lot of sq ft in one day.

    I have the intermediate and love it.
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  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Time to dump your first job then and get some more sq footage:)

    OP - you might want to look at the Ground Logic machine as well. 2 grand less than a barebones Z, but is improved over a PG.
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    DA - If it paid like my first job then I would. $-)

    I can't believe it took you this long to bring up the Ground Logic Machine.
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    Do you aerate? I pull a ryan or my bluebird and can do some big area fast.
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  9. rozellelandscapes

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    Found a used 2010 permagreen for $6000 locally with 28 hrs on it. I will spend a little over $9000 for a new z spray. This savings is enough to make me consider the permagreen even though it sounds like most people are pushing the z spray. I know that the z spray will spray better, but most lawns get one blanket app. per year and at that I'm not sure the better spraying ability is worth the extra $3000.
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    I have a Permagreen Magnum. For what it is, I like it a lot.

    On full rounds I'm only treating just under a million sq/ft.

    I use a Gregson-Clark 80 gal nurse tank.

    Would still like more than 12 gal capacity....20 would be real nice.

    Thinking of adding a wand and maybe two spray nozzles rather than the one. Really thinking of adding a rear spray nozzle for spotting.

    Never used a Z, but can see myself in one at some point.

    My 6 acre lawn really takes a long time with the Permagreen, where I could easily knock that time in half with a Z.

    If I went with a Z it would be the BIG full size unit.

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