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    How much are they paying to right this stuff. You have to admit you set yourself up for a lot of bashing but it makes for entertaining reading. Keep it up.
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    The salesman told me to do this upon seeing some of my properties now. I know it does defeat the purpose of being able to fit in a gate but my first week on the thing was spent bobsledding that machine on even the smallest hill. (for the record, my salesman was telling me I can do this and that but I just block off the steep area until the hopper is less than half full and try and tackle them then. Works much better).
    I talked to bob at turfco, he sent info, but needed the machine asap and he told me it probably wouldn't be available until after July. One person offered to let em demo one and then never returned any of my pm's:cry:Would have atleast like to have tried the dam thing out.
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    Okay, from what I have read so far on the T3000. It will operate on 50 degree hills up and down at a constant speed, go thru small gates, fit on a carrier rack, and only uses 1 gallon of gas per day?

    I think Officer Barbrady is on his way to investigate shenanigans!!!
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    I just started using The Z-Spray intermediate this spring and am new to the business altogether. I must say traction on certain inclines can be tricky with a full load (200Lbs in the hopper and 18G in the spray tank). I am going to have to try putting a couple of 50Lb bags in the rear trays and see if that helps.

    In the meantime I avoid certain inclines with a full load and wait till things are lighter. I've logged almost 150 Hrs with it so far. It took me a good 50 to really get used to the machine and getting a good feel for calibrations. I run it @ 2800 RPM and maintain 5 MPH ground speed. Spray pressure is set at 35. I have it timed up nicely now and both fert and spray solution empty out at about the same time. I am getting about 40 - 50,000 sqft. with each load.
  5. Grass Guru 621

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    On hills, just keep the hopper as low weight as possible. Remember your front wheels are caster type so with alot of weight on front of the machine it will want to turn itself downhill. I can do pretty steep hills on my Z-Max, but I only put one bag in the hopper

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    Putting fert in the back trays makes all the difference! Since the back tires are your drive tires, it helps to have more weight directly above them.

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    You were not kidding! The difference was like night and day. Its too bad I did not do this sooner it would have saved me a trip to the swamp.
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    Did you see that Turfco unit driving on top of the muck when you were down there?
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    If you guys would take the 5 minutes to call Bob from Turfco he will send info on the T3000 to you. I got a packet in the mail with a picture (line drawing), I don't see why everyone thinks it is such a big secret. I too would like to actually see a real picture and video of someone operating it ( the steering wheel has me curious ) Someone called it the secret squirrel machine and they are right, looks like a nutbuster to me. As they say though, don't knock it till you tried it, until then I will continue to use my PG Magnum.
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    I think the Z-spray is an awesome machine, especially now that its more stable on inclines with fert in the back trays. Its got plenty of power, the spray nozzles are easy to maintain, and laying down fert is a breeze. Once you get a real feel of the controls you can dial down the spreader on the fly so smaller areas are not a problem. I rarely use the guard anymore and can lay fert right up to sidewalks etc. without having to blow very much after wards. I am fortunate that the company I work for has such a nice piece of equipment for me to work with.

    Tomorrow I will be spraying @ a 6 MPH clip @ 42-45 PSI. I will be taking on a 19 acre site.

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