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    For tight areas with lots of turning and certain other situations I use the grey-1 gallon tips for more forgiveness
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    One-third gallon tips--do you mean you are applying one-third gallon per thousand sqft? If you wanted to apply about 1 ounce herbicide per thousand you would mix about 3 ounces per gallon.

    OR--do you mean the nozzle tips apply one-third gallon per minute? Then you would need a lot more.

    What is your gallons output of solution per 1000 sqft?
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    I think I started with the standard stock AI110025 purple nozzles and they do work fairly well at .34 gals/1000 at 5 mph. However for open properties I changed to the Grays that stayed close to the same water range but at speeds around 9 mph. The main problem is the droplet size is extra coarse. Great for drift control but not optimal for coverage. I have changed to the AIXR11003 Blue nozzles which will get me down to a coarse spray at .25gal H2O/1000 at 9 mph for the larger open properties and still stays in the coarse droplet spray at 5 mph while putting out .47gal H2O/1000 for the residential stuff. Both speeds will be sprayed at 50psi. Good versatility for my set up. Also keeping in a reasonably low drift potential as well. I really like the turbo twinjet twin flat jet nozzles that spray two sprays opposing each other at 60 degrees, but I am not sure if it would work with the stainless steel guard being so close to the nozzles for the front and the castor wheels being close on the back spray.

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    After you hug it,
    look up under the hopper. You will see a bunch of black teeth up against the spinner. That is called the acuway, it difuses the prills onto the spinner. They build up and cake up, so what happens is more product get thrown to one side. Make sure you keep them clean or you will stripe the crap out of a lawn.

    Going across hills is tough, you want to crab across nose slightly up, or lock casters, try a few passes before you spread fert, the first time the tires break lose and youfly down the hill is great for the rectal butt pucker.
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    After the first day on my Z I took off the Acuway and the agitation spinner in the hopper. the spinner would just grind the fert into dust, then it would collect in the Acuway and make the spread pattern terrible.
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  8. ted putnam

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    :clapping: Agreed. It didn't take me long to get rid of them on mine. All the pin on the shaft in the hopper did was make my high quality fert turn to dust. Its about like a coffee grinder. The only thing it could possibly be good for would be low grade ferts that have not been screened properly. I could never get the Acuway adjusted properly and was constantly having to take one of my flag stakes and chisel the built up fert dust from the teeth. I decided to take it off and see how it did and I haven't looked back

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