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  1. cemars

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    A few months ago I saw quite a few post about the Z-spray unit. I would appreciate anyone who owns or has demo'd one to send me your thoughts. I have one of the new Perma- Green Ultras which isn't bad but has a relatively small capacity compared to the Z-Spray, and is worse on hills that the old Perma- Green. I'm trying to justify the price which is about 4K difference. I have a lot of really large properties (10-50 acres) and need something better or another Perma Green.:confused:
  2. rob1325

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    Hows the new one worse on the hills. I have the older one, but with upgraded clutch. Was thinking of getting new one, but wonder how it it different on hills. The one I have now I go on some steep hills.


  3. D.J. VS

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    We purchased a z-spray ss this winter. Our applicator loves the machine and can do 450k to 600k a day depending on the properties and drive time. We looked at the PG but i was not really impressed with it. We purchased the larger z-spray and have been very pleased.


  4. cemars

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    Rob- For some reason the new Perma Green has worse traction than the old. I'm considering reducing tire pressure in the front tires to see if that helps, but I think there is some slipping in the drive belt that I don't get with the older one. Over-all, this machine is far better than the old style.:D

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