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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FERT-TEK, Oct 6, 2003.


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    Hey guy's I just did a demo on a Toro 52" Z-surfer. I was impressed at the cut quality but didn't like the way the machine striped the lawn. Is poor striping common on floating decks vs fixed decks like my 42" Dane Surfer. My Dane does a great job of striping without aftermarket kits on it. Or is the poor striping caused by the way the deck is set up? I didn't have enough time to mess with the setup although it appeared perfectly flat from front to back. I will demo a 52" Dane Super Surfer next week which also has a floating deck on it to compare them. Any suggestions or experience with these mowers would be great.
  2. IndyPropertyCare

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    I use a 52" Super surfer myself. Its really weird, one week the thing stripes great...the next it does not .. As for the floating deck, Im still not convinced on the floating deck part. I have to keep mine at the highest setting on most propertys and a few I can take it down one notch. For this I do not know what to say since most of the time it is in the #7 setting and is fixed in position. Other than that it is a great machine and fast too.
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    Toro has a surfer? What rock have I been under?
    Off to Toro.com ..................

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    whats a surfer? does any body have a link to the website?

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    is yours a greatdane Indypropertycare?
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    Don't you mean 52" Z-Master???? When did Toro start making a stand on ????

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    Sorry guys I sent that thread out too quick it is a Z-master not a surfer. I am comparing the two for a possible equipment upgrade. I feel the Z-master is a great machine but not is seems like too much machine for the 1/4 to 1/2 acre accounts I do. I particularly don't like having the motor sticking out behind me that far. I am afraid of backing into somthing. And having the deck under you makes it difficult to do corners and landscaping as tight as my surfer does. Seems the Toro is better suited for comercial accounts and large areas. Any thoughts on the striping issue I posted in the first thread???? I wont be able to demo the SS until later in the week or early next week.

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    Oh by the way the SS I am looking at has 250 hrs on it and will be getting a new 23 HP Kohler motor put on it before I get it to demo. THey are asking 5000 out the door with all the warrantees etc. I know what you are thinking must be pretty beat, but it isn't. The frame, belts and deck are in good shape other than some typical wear and scratches. The motor had to be replaced because of a factory defect.

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