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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Dman1214, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Dman1214

    Dman1214 Banned
    Messages: 118

    Has anyone been using the z-trailer to haul their z-sprayer with? I am interested in fabricating a spreader bracket and backpack bracket to go on the back end of the trailer. Any thoughts or pictures would be appreciated.
    Thanks, DMAN 1214
  2. Pilgrims' Pride

    Pilgrims' Pride LawnSite Senior Member
    from MA.
    Messages: 481


    I guess I misunderstood recently.
    I thought you were considering the z.
    ' didn't know you have one.
    I too would be interested in the trailer as pulling the enclosed can be cumbersome.
  3. James Cormier

    James Cormier LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Ma
    Messages: 1,217

    Do you know about the lesco holder that slides into a trailer hitch? I can post a photo of mine if not, Then just go to auto parts store and get a bolt on trailer hitch, usually only 20 bucks, bolt it to the ztrailer, off the back I would guess, and slide the lesco holder in and presto

    Is there any room on the trailer its self? Does the z take up the whole thing?
  4. Dman1214

    Dman1214 Banned
    Messages: 118

    Jim, I am familiar with the lesco receiver hitch - i will revisit that tommorrow. As far as the trailer itself - very tight - no room for anything else. You'll see when u come down, I'll have everything finished (hopefully)
  5. James Cormier

    James Cormier LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Ma
    Messages: 1,217

    One other Idea is to hand the spreader off the front, that same trailer hitch mounted side ways off the front bumper would work, I see coke and pepsi trucks with the dollys hanging off the front. So Im sure a spreader would be fine, as long as its not blocking the head lights
  6. Dman1214

    Dman1214 Banned
    Messages: 118

    I meet with 3 welders/fabricators and for what I want to design - they want a small fortune. I must come up with better answers.
  7. TSM

    TSM LawnSite Senior Member
    from MA
    Messages: 707

    I saw a franchise outfit working out of a van with the perma green carrier on the back. Besides carrying the perma green it also had a lesco spreader. I tried to catch up to the guy to get a better look but i lost him in traffic...i do remember thinking that it didnt look very safe.
    Of course the z trailer is a better piece of equipment but even so...with to much riding on it (the Z and a push spreader) i would be concerned about safety.
    I think Jim's idea of mounting the push spreader on the front bumper is a better way to go.

    come on man, i know you got deep pockets...dont be so cheap! :waving:
  8. cantoo

    cantoo LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,910

    I hang a sucker off a 2" receiver and the weight is no problem. I also have receivers mounted on different areas on my trailers so I can mount stuff there. Leaf suckers, fertilizer spreaders, sprayers, anything I want.

    leaf sucker.jpg

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