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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by Envy Lawn Service, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    While at GIE last fall I asked if Lesco would be offering the 60" wide track version and I was told yes, in fact they had one left at the store. Long story short I had them reserve it for me until I could think and run back down to Charlotte, NC to look at it.

    Well, another long story short, I had just picked up a new Z about a month prior and decided to back out. But now that I look at the site, I see no listing for this mower. I was told it was a 33hp generac powered unit exactly the same as they 72" sitting on the GIE floor, except with a 60" deck.

    But now I'm left to wonder if someone made a mistake in what they told me, or if it's just not listed on-line.

    Could you please clear this up for me?
  2. Bob West LESCO

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    Sorry about the mixup -- the 72-inch machine is the only one w/ the 33-hp Generac. Our 60-inch machine has a 25-hp Kawasaki.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Dang.... I guess someone gave me the wrong info. I'm glad I didn't take the long road trip back down there last fall just to find that out though.

    However, that would be a hot machine I would think. 33hp Generac, 60" deck, wide track frame.... yeah, I believe you could pull the power hungry sales from others as many of the other MFG's have joined the horsepower race.

    I'm confused here about who builds who, but Cub Commercial has a ton of model options, whereas Lesco only has 4. I understand the simplicity and the volume thing involved here, but I think it's a real shame Lesco doesn't offer some of the other options, like the wide track and other engine options....
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    OK, I caught on to the who builds who thing in the other thread.

    My last question (hopefully) is what about warranty???

    I have the literature, but I don't see anything in it about what type of warranty the machine carries....
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well Bob,

    I must say that after purchasing the 25hp Kawasaki 60" this month, that I am VERY disgruntled to learn in a very short period of time afterwards that it is now in fact available in the 'wide track' version with the 28hp Generac engine.... and for less money on top of it.

    I live in the mountains of North Carolina and could have really used the 'wide track' setup for extra slope stability. But more than anything I could have used the extra width out back to help the machine turn better. The wider rear track width provides more turning leverage which stops the machine from getting hung up and spinning in tough spots.

    In addition I could have also used the 3 extra horse power for running the mulch kit.

    In the end, I ended up driving 80 miles one way to do business with your Winston Salem, NC location. I really can't say enough about the great service that Jason Eubanks has provided me. He's been top notch all the way.

    But I'm unhappy with the mis-information I have recieved from GIE, the Charlotte NC location and here on Lawnsite.com. I would have gladly ordered the WideTrack 60" with the 28hp Generac.

  6. cglass1

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    The salesman today told me that it has a 2 year warranty including parts and labor.
  7. Ketron'sLawnService

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    They make a 28hp model that is cheaper than the 25? I went to the link that you posted above this response...where did you find that at? When i go to the Lesco website, it does not give that model as an option? How come? Are there more models of the Lesco mowers that are not listed on the company website? I am seriously looking at purchasing a Lesco, so if there are any more models available than the one listed above and the ones listed on the company website, please list them here. I would be mad as can be also if i were not given all the options before purchasing! I've heard great things about the lesco service, just put all the options on the table please before i throw down my money. I might be possibly having to buy 6 mowers at one time(85 acre contract that requires it to be mowed in 1 business day). Thanks.....
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, I see you posted your message back on Friday. Sometimes posts being added here are a little slow. So I will post here and also try to PM the same since I am not sure if you are on a time frame.

    That model was an option. But I was told it was not, obviously. Anyways, I went to Lesco.com and pulled up all the ZTR stuff. Mainly I was doing this to get an idea about parts availability and cost. Everything down to the last screw is available by the way, and my parts delivery time has been excellent.

    Anyways, when I pulled it up... there it was all written out in the list. Item #709929 for the 28hp Generac 60" WideTrack ZTR. So veins are already popping out of my head. I click and there it is. So I posted the link.

    Since then, Lesco has performed a much-needed update to their website. On the updated equipment page, only the standard and usual 3 models are listed. The 19/48, 23/54 and 25/60 all with standard rear track width. But if you click the link above, you will go directly to item #709929 which is the 28/60 WideTrack.

    It is now listed at $5,399

    But yes, personally I am rather disgruntled about all this because I was mis-informed. The WideTrack unit is what I really needed for this area and the 3 extra ponies would have been a bonus.

    Now, don't get me wrong, the 25hp 60" with standard rear track width is still a VERY stable machine. But after logging some field hours on mine, I have come to realize that this machine could really use the wider rear track width. Of course it would make it more stable on slopes. But where this machine really needs help is TURNING.

    I have widened the rear track on previous ZTR's and I can tell you it makes them handle better and zero turn more smoothly. There is more leverage to perform the zero turn and the 'actual' circle radius the tire travels while zero turning is larger. So it turns easier and turf tears less.

    Frankly, you do loose a little trim ability, but with this machine, the trade-off would be well worth it. These machines are built like a TANK. So they are heavier, and feel particularly heavier, which is most noticeable in the front end during operation. The do not feel as 'nimble' when turning, especially on rougher ground. So the wide track would be a plus.

    In your case, with the production issue and having to buy 6 mowers at once, I think it would very heavily benefit you to go with the 28hp Generac 60" WideTrack. Immediately, you would save atleast $900 plus sales tax per unit, which would be $5,400 plus tax or enough to get an 7th unit. In addition, the 3 extra ponies would help with production. Plus, with employees operating them, I would want the one that is easiest on the turf and the most stable on slopes.

    Now, I still highly recommend you go with a Lesco machine reguardless. I just happen to be a little extra steamed beyond what most guys would be about being mis-informed... because the WideTrack is what I really wanted, plus more horsepower, which is what I would have gotten if I had bought the Cub Commercial version... But went with the lesser Lesco in hopes of getting better customer service...

    Personally, I have a hunch as to 'WHY' all this is the way it is. See, ALL of the 2005 Cub Tank 60" mowers are ALL WideTrack's... and since they are the same mower, my guess is that eventually all of the 60" Lesco's will be also. But I believe the 'idea' here is to move the current standard stock at the stores, while beginning to introduce the WideTrack slowly and a 'promotional' price of $5,399 so people will try the new style.
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well... I take that back... it was added pretty much instantly today. :cool2:

    6 or 7 mowers payup
  10. wriken

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    The wide track makes a word of difference, sure can cut a slope with it. Mines the 72" w/t

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