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  1. thinksnow

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    I have been shopping for a Z-two for a while now. Im seriously contemplating driving to southern Maryland to buy a used 2005 I've located down there. My other option was to buy new so I went to my local Lesco dealer. He has a 60" on the floor, which has been there for a long while now. He won't budge on the price at all. This time of year all the other manuf. are offering great deals. I've been to exmark, scag, & bobcat. The were all offering very attractive deals, not Lesco though. I don't get it. Its getting cold here in NJ and the grass has just about stopped growing. Will they sit on this machine all winter until someone pays him what he wants? For the price he wants I will go buy the equivelant bobcat.
  2. 4 Seasons

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    I don't know about the Lesco dealers in Jersey but I'm in upstate NY and are Lesco dealers are always running specials. I just picked up a 2007 54" Z TWO w/ induction kit and bagger for $6500.00 w/ no payments for 12 months!! I did not take advantage of that though. I don't like having payments no matter how inviting the deal sounds. So if you feel like checking that out go to lesco's website and then go to the dealer locater and type in area code 12209 and select the Albany store. Buy from them and have it shipped. I bet they wouldn't even charge you for shipping. Well good luck bro, Hope this helped.
  3. Turf Technologies

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    The price of the machine is the price of the machine, they dont lower them at Lesco.
  4. 4 Seasons

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    I don't know about Florida but up here they are known for dickering w/ their prices!!! Thats a fact!!
  5. Mowingman

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    Check with your local Cub Cadet dealer. They make the Lesco mowers, and the Cub and Lesco machines are exactly the same except paint and decals.
    The cub dealers are usually running some type of special. In fact, I believe they are going to have some killer deals on 48" belt-drive walkbehinds later this spring.
  6. lifetree

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    Are you sure about this ?? My understanding from the Lesco dealer here is the exact opposite, that Cub Cadet buys their "Tank" from Lesco. Is this not correct ? This thread seems to be suggesting, I think, that Lesco stores are not all company owned ... is this right ??
  7. Mowingman

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    Lesco and Cub co-owned the plant that produced the Tank/Z2 mowers. About 2 years ago, Lesco sold all their interest in the joint venture to Cub. Lesco builds NOTHING. They are now just a large chain of landscape supply stores.

  8. Bob West LESCO

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    MowingMan is correct. We used to manufacture all LESCO mowers at a plant that was owned by a joint venture w/ MTD/Cub Cadet. We sold our interest in the joint venture to them in return for a long-term supply agreement, so they build all of our mowers today. The mowers are often very similar, but there are also differences as the LESCO mowers are built to our specs.

    As for the ownership of the LESCO stores, they are all corporately owned.

  9. GreenN'Clean

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    I love the cub cadet tank's they are worth every penny.
  10. firedude26

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    Why hasnt lesco updated there website with pictures of the new Z's ?
    I would like to see one with the ROPS on it before i buy a 06, also $seasons if you got that 54 for that price with bagger you got a great deal, the guys at my store wont give me a deal like that. i might shop different stores we have 3 close. Also they are selling the Stand up mowers there now, i been having a weird feeling about the lesco stores lately, seems like they are trying to cheapen up things. My store that i go to moved before x-mas and they still dont have there computers hooked up or anything and i cant belive they let that drag on.

    I wanna see the 07 Z's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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