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  1. firebox700

    firebox700 LawnSite Member
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    So, I currently have a Z510a and it's a piece of shat! Nothing but problems. The dealer is working with me and trying to get me out of the Z510a. My salesman is a great guy and I trust him and so far he has gotten JD to help me out as well as his dealership. To make a long story short.... He has worked out a deal to get me in to a 2010 Z920a with a 54" deck. My question is, does anyone currently have this model and if so what are your thoughts and opinions. thanks in advance!
  2. LawnMowerKing10

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    A lot of people like that mower. I have no personal experience with it.
  3. trook

    trook LawnSite Member
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    I just bought a 925 with the 60" 27hp. I don't have many hours on it yet, but so far so good. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    From what I have read and heard the 900 series has been a good mower. However, they are still new and until they get some hours there is no way of knowing for sure.
  5. firebox700

    firebox700 LawnSite Member
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    Well, they let me demo the Z925 60" 27hp for the day. Well let me tell you....that thing is nice! There is no comparison to the POS i have now! I also demo'd a Toro 27hp 60" last week and my personal opinion is the JD is much better. More responsive, sticks to hills and the 7 Iron Pro deck is the bomb!! It leaves a great finish and stripes great without a striping kit! Although I'am probably getting the Z920a 54", he said there wasn't any difference other than the deck size and it has a 26hp instead of the 27hp Kawasaki. Plus the bagger that I have on my Z510a will fit on the Z920! I'm glad that the dealer is working with me and is standing behind the product. Now the only question is....should I spring for the suspension seat? I'm thinking HELL YEAH!!
  6. mowerbrad

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    I've got a 925 with 54" MOD and have been very pleased with it. If you are running the JD MCS (collection system) then it will take quite a bit of power to run. Mine does just fine with running my MCS, the only time it really bogs down is on steep hills, which is typical with the majority of mowers. The 27hp on mine loves gas, I've figured it uses about 2gph...and thats with almost 20 hours on the mower.

    Now as far as the suspension kit goes, it will surely make your ride a little smoother. It is just an add on to the original seat, not as good as the full suspension seat but definately something that will smooth the ride out. I don't have the suspension kit on mine and right now I don't really think I need it. The seat is already really thick so it takes alot of the bumps out of the ride. I just didn't see a need for it. But hey, if you want to spend the money and really feel the need, then by all means do it. Heck, I bought the headlight kit just so I can use them the last few weeks in the fall.
  7. trook

    trook LawnSite Member
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    As far as the 27hp engine on the 925 is concerned, JD told me that it has much more torque than the 26hp that is on the 920 model.
  8. MJB

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    from Wa
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    I wonder why it burns so much gas? My Exmark has the 28hp Kawasaki on it and it stays below 1.5 gph thats running a 60" mulching deck. I've heard this from several people so I am not doubting you, just don't understand the excessive fuel usage.
  9. trook

    trook LawnSite Member
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    I only have 10 hours on my 27hp kawasaki 925, but it seems to burn close to 2 gallons per hour as well.
  10. SouthSide Cutter

    SouthSide Cutter LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Most of these people that talk about the fuel usage I take with a grain of salt. All Iam saying is drain the tank put .6 or 1.5 what ever they say they get in the tank then cut for 1hr total wot in a normal yard that needs cut and it will run out of gas period.

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