zama rebuild issues

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tow hook, May 6, 2012.

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    Remove those white and red limiter caps so you can access the Low and High Mixture screws. There is hope for this carb, if the check valves arent shot. Strong solvents and high psi compressed air will ruin them and the fuel Will NOT flow thru the carb properly. If ya pulled a welch plug out, try resealing it with fingernail polish. Sounds crazy, but dries hard and tough...make sure to let it dry well. Typical adjustments on a Zama diaphragm carb are L and H mixture screws turned out 1.5 turns from light seat.
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    After 3~4 times of rebuilding and still getting dirt? You have to be really thorough with the carb cleaner and the air. Every little passage from every angle. It must be completely stripped to the block as well.It sounds like you still have dirt in there somewhere. I agree with leaving the welch plugs intact if you aren't familiar with them. Carb cleaner can remove the lacquer used to seal those plugs so a dab of clear nail polish fixes an often elusive vacuum leak.
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