Zane or other 12V dimmers

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by steveparrott, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. steveparrott

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    Does anyone know if Zane is still in business - their website is gone! Any other 12V dimmers on the market suitable dimming the lv secondary?
  2. Steve Atkinson

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    Last I heard of Zanne was last year, they were allegedly selling to Ewing, although I could never find a unit in one of their stores. I even tried to contact them at their office in Minden, NV. No reply to my message.

    One of my contractor contacts said he tried one that was on the shelf at Lowes, wall-junction box mount type, said it was made for low-voltage, a vertical slideswitch version. Said it worked well for his low-voltage gazebo lights. Did not mention a brand name. I may have to stop in there to inquire.
  3. steveparrott

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    Thanks Steve, let me know, I'm trying to find the most commonly used low voltage dimmers on the market to see how compatable they are with LED's.

    If anyone has experience with this let me know.

    I'm learning more about dimming LED's. It's a complex subject. Phase Width Modulation (PWM) seems the way to go, but these dimmers vary greatly in such things as frequency, rise time, and inrush potential.

    A dimmer may work with an LED in the short term, but greatly reduce its life due to component stress.
  4. David Gretzmier

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    I would be interesed in this too. it seems that the listed bulb hour life of "dimmable" LED's are a dit less than the non-dimmable ones. perhaps UL has already built in reduced dimmable bulb life in the testing process? I recently installed 5 up/down lights on a deck/pavillion project and the owner wanted to dim the lights. the retrofit mr16 leds were listed as dimmable but I have never done that.
  5. lirjc1

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  6. kellanv

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    Holy back-from-the-dead post!

    I have used the Brilliance dimmers on several projects. They look to be very similar to the Zane models. The newer ones have lower threshold limits to prevent strobing with certain lamps. Overall they work decently well.
  7. starry night

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    Message mistake.

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