Zeon Zoysia in Brazil

Discussion in 'Superintendent Forums' started by agrostis, Dec 21, 2013.

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    Not a betting man. They will. Zoysia is mean to mowers. The zero contact, no relief grind set up does not work on zoysia. Zoysia does not need a lot of nitrogen to survive, but it starts to look ugly at less than 1/2 lb of N per month. I maintain a lot of zoysia at less than 1" HOC.
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    Did you get to participate in TurfNet's webinars on quality of cut this past week (TN's QOC Week)?

    They had panelists from the two biggest grinder companies in the turf industry (Bernhard & Co (mfg of Express Dual and Anglemaster grinders), Foley/Neary (Foley United grinders)), the top four mower mfgs (Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere, and Baroness), several golf course superintendents, and a couple of university professors (see if you can find my research in the presentations. I think that talked about some of my work in each presentation).

    If there was one thing they all agreed on, it was that a no-lap, no-contact, no relief grind (beyond mfg specs) mower setup produced the best results by far. All zoysia courses hosting PGA Tour events this year have used the no-lap no-contact no relief system. It just produces a better playing surface and a healthier turfgrass plant. Most guys get two to three wks of mowing zoysia fairways daily before needing to grind the reels or face the bedknives.

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