ZERO-FLAT Foam Filled Tires

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. TLS

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    Anyone using them on the front casters of a ZTR?

    J-Thomas has the Trademark on them, so I doubt they are available elsewhere.

    Looking at $85 each and is supposed to include bearings. A little salty, but...

    They claim to absorb impact like air tires, and have the same weight as regular tires.

    I currently use a "generic" version of Slime that works very well. But after 3 weeks of just sitting on the trailer (drought), my casters were kinda low on air, and had the slime oozing out in numerous areas (thorn holes/nail holes, etc.).

    I would LOVE to NEVER have to add air or even bother to check it.

    I've heard rumors of foam filling being TOO rigid, but they seem to claim that it isn't.

    They cant be any more "RIGID" than a caster pumped up to 20 psi or so, right?

    Please comment...
  2. Guardian

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    I have the newest eXmark Lazer 60" that now comes with poly/foam filled front tires. I can say that there is no real difference in "feel" coming from previously using eXmark 44" and 72" AIR filled tires. I have had my unit for 2 weeks, and have logged over 40hrs, everything feels great!
  3. TLS

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    I wasn't aware of this new tire for the Lazer's. Is it "really" new, as in the last few weeks?

    I know that they just started adding a tire sealant this past year to the front casters, but I wasn't aware of Polyurethane Foam filled casters. Any Do you have any Part #'s for us?

    So, if you take the Schrader valve out of the tire valve stem, NOTHING (air or fluid) comes out?

    Sorry, but I'm a natural "Doubting Thomas" :rolleyes:
  4. Hhhhhhuuuuummmm, very interesting.................

    I to would like to know the part #'s

    WHERE"S IT AT? Come on now, don't leave us on the hook.....

  5. KLMlawn

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    You guys can probably get your current tires filled for about $35 as opposed to paying $85 for a whole new assembly, and I have seen front castor assemblies with No Flat/CareFree tires for as low as about $59 and I believe cedarrapidstire has them also ....
    I have all 4 of the tires filled on my 36" Stander, yes even the drive wheels, only problem with the drives is that I had them put a bit too much pressure into them about 18 psi while they were curing, basically because that is the same pressure I ran in them with air. I should have kept it at about 12 psi and I am sure they would be much better. Other than probelms with polyfilling ALL tires that I can see
  6. Runner

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  7. Flex-Deck

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    I know a local guy that is in the timber business, and he has all of his tires foam filled, including the very large back tires - which costs a fair chunk of change, but he swears by it. No flats, good ride, etc. He runs utility size Kubotas.

    Thanks, Brad
  8. MOW ED

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    There are different foam fillers out there and I would recommend that you check with the place before you fill the drive tires. I have some front caster tires filled with foam and I love it. The thing is that these things are very heavy. The foam they used is not like the poly foam which seems to have little air pockets. It cost 25 a tire to fill at a local tire store. The only problem you may have is that it is a little hassle to cut the tire off at replacement time but a sawzall helps.

    I also have foam on my Walker 42"deck casters and these are much lighter so I am suspecting the fill is like a polyfoam.

    Foam filled for timber operations makes good sence. I wish there was a commercially available drive tire that was foamed and made for lawn mowers but I haven't seen one yet.
  9. awm

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    while i think im going to look into these . what concerns me is keeping pitch an level right as it seems u woul have to be sure an get it right the first time. this might be an argument for buying them from the mower manufacturer that produced the mower . if they sellum.
  10. eslawns

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    I got them (from J Thomas) for my Husky Z because I had so much flat trouble with the air filled tires. They are not soft riding, but it really isn't noticeable except on pavement. The price and the ride were a little stiff, but I have to say it was a good decision and I'd do it again.

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