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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by D Fricks, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Why Dosent Exmark Put Zero Flat Foam Filled Tires on
    The Lazer Z just purschased some for the front casters
    havent had time to install yet. just wondering what
    you guys thought about them.
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    D Fricks

    I'm not familiar with the product you've purchased. I'm going to assume that is solid foam or one of the new generation "soft" foams.

    Below is a response posted to a similar question some time back.

    "In regards to solid foam tires. Solid foam tires are NEVER recommended for any reason. There are several shortfalls with a solid tire whether it is on a front caster or on a drive tire.

    One of the problems with a solid filled tire is impact absorption. Your lawn mower only has the suspension of the tires to absorb the millions of impacts that it will encounter in a weeks time. With a solid filled tire 100% of those impacts are now transferred to the machine or the operator. Solid filled tires can, but not always, contribute to failed wheel bearings, bent caster yokes, bent wheels, cracked mower decks, bent frames, etc. Again not all or any of these will happen to every machine but over time solid filled tires can greatly increase the likelihood of these types of failures.

    Another shortfall of solid filled tires is the added weight. Not only can this make the front of the mower heavier than what you may like but if used in a drive tire it may also shorten the life of the drive system. More specifically the life of hydraulic components in a hydro walk behind or riding mower. The larger the tire or the heavier the machine potentially the worse the effects can be.

    Solid filled tires have a place, generally however a lawnmower may not be the best place. I'm not telling you that you can't run solid filled tires. I just want to be certain that you know the potential downside to doing so. Some operators run solid filled tires for many seasons without any problems, others won't make it through the first month."

    That was a post regarding walk behind mowers. The principles are the same however with a riding mower you must add into the equation the amount of abuse you will be absorbing as well since youÂ’re sitting on the machine. Many of the other issues are compounded because the riding mower is bigger, heavier and faster.

    We're not saying you can't run a solid filled tire or foam filled tire, but we are saying we don't recommend it.

    Good luck


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