Zero radius mowers breaking sprinkler heads

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by walterwilde, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. topsites

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    In my business I would never use the Ztr for anything much smaller than a full
    acre lot because it's not the right tool for the job, also I order sprinkler heads in
    bulk so that when this issue arises I usually replace the riser (which I carry a box
    full of in the back of my truck) at no cost to the consumer.

    I do this without asking, without your knowledge, chances are if you never pay attention
    to the specific riser that broke you would never even know what happened.

    With the exception of certain irrigation systems where the risers fail to recede,
    perhaps due to lack of maintenance or what have you, each instance of damage
    is looked into but as a rule if I break it, I replace it, no questions asked.

    Assuming your yard is somewhere within the standard less than 1/4 acre lot size and
    it doesn't involve too many obstacles or time-consuming hassles that would entail it
    taking me longer than most of my lots this size, my cost for a mow to you would be $30.

    So my suggestion to you would be to start looking for a new company,
    one that cares for the needs of the customer, and let your fingers do the
    walking because you as a consumer have certain choices to make.

    Have a nice day.
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  2. punt66

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    you hit so many heads you have to buy in bulk and your the professional taking care of the customer????? You wouldnt use a z for under an acre lot????? Your charging $40 an hr for leaf cleanups right??? yea

    Have your irrigation system fixed. The heads are sticking up or set to high.
  3. hackitdown

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    I have 900 or so hours on my 52" ztr, and I have never broken a sprinkler least not that I am aware of. I use it on all lawns regardless of size, unless a fence/gate stops me.

    For what it is worth, I have smashed up way more stuff with a 48" walk-behind.
  4. punt66

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    exactly! Ztr's have more control than a WB. I have climbed trees with my WB! The damn lockout got stuck! hahaha
  5. cpel2004

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    I live in the area and Im 99% sure the system wasnt installed improperly. Its not the companies fault nor is it their responsibility to fix your improperly installed heads. If they keep breaking your head then you need to have your sprinkler depth readjusted to the proper heights. By the way do you have any pictures of your sprinkler system and the damage. How long has the lawn company serviced your property and why did you get rid of your last company?
  6. Jason Rose

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    I've been in this biz for 12+ years, been using Zero turn mowers the whole time, Dixon, Grasshopper, Walker. about 90% of my lawns are irrigated and the only sprinklers I break are either improperly installed (either too high or not backfilled correctly) or ones that don't retract all the way. These can be ANY brand though, not just cheapos. Even the good brands (rainbird, hunter, toro) wear over time, especially in sandy soils and will stick up. Don't see them all the time.

    I also carry a full selection of irrigation heads, nozzles, pipe fittings, risers, funny pipe and fittings, and, well everything. But I also do some irrigation repair work too. I have a couple thousand dollars invested in materials that I keep on hand. Having what I need when I need it = priceless.
  7. punt66

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    In CT you need a plumbers P2 license to work on irrigation. So the homeowners need to call their irrigation guys.
  8. Jason Rose

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    good news for the irrigation guys, sucks for everyone else.
  9. Tadams

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    The mowers that your landscape company uses will not break any irrigation heads that are installed properly and working properly. If one of your heads were stuck up and someone hit it with a 21" push mower it would still break. Who is doing the repair work on the broken heads? You or an irrigation company? Have any of the new heads been broken? If you walk through your yard and look at the older heads (and new ones also), can you spot them very easily or do you have to dig around for them? Are the heads even with the ground, just below the ground , or slightly above the ground? What type of grass is your lawn and how low is it cut? Do you have any pics? We need to know the answers to these questions before we can tell you you problem and who is at fault.

    On a side note: How did this thread turn into another ZTR bashing and WB are the best argument? Whenever I read that kind of stuff it always sounds like someone is trying to justify what they have versus what others have. WB guys say riders are too big and heavy. Rider guys say that WB are too slow. WAM guy says we are all slow.:dizzy: go figure? I've got 2 riders and 2 WB so I can get away with saying all of that:waving:

  10. cpel2004

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    Do you have any pictures?

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