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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by williams lcm, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. williams lcm

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    I really never had a battery on these mowers that last more than 2 years.With that being said my father bought one of my zero turns from me and it is needing a new battery. I told him to go to the dealer and they will have a battery for this model JD zero turn. He told me that he is going to get a stronger battery(more cranking amps) from tractor supply for cheaper than my dealer. Will this new battery cause any harm to the mower with the more amps? I need to know before he puts one in it. Thanks
  2. Greg78

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    Will not cause any problems. Really doubt you'll notice a difference.
  3. Curtis

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    I try to buy those Interstate batteries. In the winter I'll keep a trickle charger on mine while it's not in use. Keep it clean around the terminals in the summer.
  4. LandFakers

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    It will be fine. Doubt it will help the battery last longer, but cheaper is always good.
  5. jones68

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    I agree with curtis anytime i switch a battery out i go with interstate batteries they are good quality at a good price
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  7. pugs

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    What battery were you buy? What are the specs of it. Should last more than 2 years if you are buying a quality battery. Quality and cheap dont mix very well.
  8. crazyflyboy30

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  9. Valk

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    Going on 3+ years with same batteries using a 2 amp trickle charger over the Winter months. I don't leave the trickle charger on all the time though, just hook it up once/month for a supplemental indicates when a battery is fully charged.
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    Here in FL heat is the biggest enemy of batteries. 2-3 years isn't uncommon for batteries in anything. They swell up so much sometimes you can't get them out of the racks.
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