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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mpking, May 11, 2011.

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    I'm unexpectedly in the market for a zero turn mower for my house after my JD L118 mower's transmission failed. Rather than drop $1000 on a new transmission for a mower that's worth 500 bucks, I'm going to get something new and little heavier duty. I'm looking at a 50-54inch deck and something that will not bounce me right out of the seat on my somewhat bumpy lawn.

    So far I've eliminated Deere EZtrack mowers because I felt like have much lower quality components for the same price of others and I didnt really like the feel when I tested them. There also are not any Bad Boy or Ferris dealers within 100 miles so they are out.

    Right now I'm looking at:
    -Hustler fastrack 54" with 24hp kawasaki FS engine for $5,575, no tax.
    -Gravely ZT HD 52" with 24hp kawasaki FR engine for $4,899, no tax.
    -SCAG Freedom Z 52" with 26hp Briggs & Stratton professional series engine for between $5,000-5,500. The SCAG regional distributor is bringing one by my house Thursday to demo and he couldn't give me price specifics yet but said it would be in that range.

    All have fabricated decks. All have the same Hydrogear 3100 transmissions.

    Things I'm thinking about right now are possibly going with a model that has ROPS so I can have a seatbelt to keep me from being bounced out of the seat if I hit any rough spots and warranty coverage. Right now, that puts the Hustler in front of the other two but I've yet to drive the SCAG.

    Ok, so my question is: does anybody have any experience with these mowers and have opinions on one vs. another. Any comments are helpful since I'm new to zero turn mowers. Thanks.
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    Rough lawn? Ferris IS1500
  3. BINKY1902

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    Check with the homeowner forum. Probably not many users of those mowers here. Seems like I've seen convo and pics on those mowers over there at the homeowner forum.

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