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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by lam84204, May 13, 2010.

  1. lam84204

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    We just bought a house with 5 acres of lawn and we are looking for a zero turn lawnmower. I know we want a 60 inch deck and so far have been told about Gravely, Skag and Hustler. It is alot of money and want to get the best. The lawn has some slopes and if we spend this much money we want to get something that will work on the next house if we should move. Guidance is much apprecited
  2. 06LTNox

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    Biggest thing you will hear is buy from a dealer that is easy to get service from. Its not as important for us home owners, but it still sucks having to drive an hour one way to get a part. I would suggest looking at a commercial level mower, they typically will cut faster and last longer.

    I picked up a Deere Z820a from Larson Farm & Lawn in Nixa earlier this year, they were great to deal with, talk with Randy if you check there. The mower has been awesome to use and I can't complain about it too much.
  3. MarcSmith

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    not to take anything away from a 60 z turn. I have found the a 52" will cut better than a 60. less scalping and the 23-25hp range is a good size engine. We have both a 52 and 60 scag on campus and the 52 get more the guys like it better and I've used both and when the 60" bites the bullet I'll buy another 52...

    But have you also thought about a lawn and garden tractor like a deere or a kubota and the versatility with attachment that make it more than just a lawn mower. with 5 acres I'm think you got a fair amount of stuff to do, drive to keep clear or keep leveled, hauling stuff around. Plus the tractor would handle the slopes better more comfy ride Just something else to chew on...
  4. probe1957

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    I am going to go with Marc here and suggest a tractor for that size of yard. MUCH more versatile than a zero turn. In a perfect world, buy both.
  5. MarcSmith

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    if you were cutting 30 1/2 acre yards for money go with the productivty of a Z But I think you'd get far more use out of the tractor. it might take you 10 minutes each week extra.....
  6. CaptPat

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    Get a compact or sub-compact tractor--there are lots of options and a tractor offers much more versatility for the other chores you will be needing to do.
  7. kamp

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    If your retired and like to ride around on a sub-compact tractor go for it. If you want to get your yard mowed in half the time and get on with your life get a ztr. I just got a gravely 260z 60" cut and can mow my 2 acres in about an hour. I like to mow my yard tall around 4 so I don't have a problem with scalping and helps keep the weeds out with taller grass and better root system. No matter what height you mow you still have to mow it again in a week.
  8. MarcSmith

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    ^ I agree the ZTR will be faster, not 1/2 the time faster, but it will be faster. but keep in mind the attachments you could get with a tractor could save time elswhere IE plowing a driveway with a compact tractor VS a shovel or walk behind snow blower...

    I was just stating the one should not rule out a compact tractor. and I'm not talking about a POS that you buy at a big box store.. for 3K
  9. 2001FZ1

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    I have to agree to this statement about buying a mower that is easy to get service from. I went with a Scag for a many reasons including that the dealer is less than 10 mins away.

    I would also suggest staying away from a 60 inch. They don't fit on 5 x 8 trailers too well, won't fit through many fence gates and other obstacles (between trees). I would have liked a 52" but couldn't find a leftover 2009 with a 52.
  10. MarcSmith

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    the OP is a homeowner so getting through gates and on a trailer on a regular basis isn't an issue

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