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    I have about $6000 for a zero turn mower, any sugestions? i have looked at the john deere z445 and some of the gravely products, i want to make the right decision. :canadaflag:
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    It really depends on what brand has the better customer support in your area. We recently looked for a new skid steer. The one we purchased was more expensive than some of the others but in a crunch if you need parts or customer support who will be there for you? Sometimes that is a better question than machine performance.
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    If this is for a commercial business I would not consider a Z445, they are not built heavy duty enough for everyday use.

    This is a homeowner model it lists for $4,699 with a 48" deck. the Z645 with 48" deck lists for $5,799. You have left out some important details about what you need. My cousin has the Z445 and it is fine for a average home yard.
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    Scag, Toro, Exmark~~~There are a few of some of the best names on the market..We have the Toro Zmaster, we also have Lesco Zero-Turns, but they have gone out of production(they sure were bang for the buck mowers)....

    We also have a 52" Stand-On "Surfer"(Love it!) But my true pride & joy is the 60" Zmaster, it is like it could mow by itself it's so smooth! Hope that helps buddy!
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    For about $850 more you can buy a Z720 Deere. I just sold mine and bought a Z950, but not because there was anything wrong with the 720. It is a great mower that is just overlooked most of the time. It is also a true commercial machine, and will last a homeowner for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

    If all you have to spend right now is $6k, take advantage of Deere's 0% for 36 months financing promo they have right now, and finance the remaning balance & tax.
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    Gravely has alot of bang for the buck also. The Pro-Turn 100 series XDZ is perhaps the best value on the market right now in sit down Z's. Sheffield financing is running a 0% for 48mo. I've been quoted a price of $7,600 (otd) w/mulch kit installed for a P/T 152.

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