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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Aug 11, 2009.

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    That was probably the best walk behind ever made. Blazingly fast (9 MPH). Built in sulky. Huge horsepower (for it's day). Factory OCDC. Quick change gas tanks. VTC hydros. Excellant filters and coolers. You name it, that mower had it. In addition to that I never read a single complaint about the few that they sold.
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    Just wanted to show you a picture of the traffic that we were getting at our booth.

    Met everyone from Operators to R&D from major manufacturers. I heard more stories today from Operators about going in the water, sliding down hills, and this question was popular as well, "What do you need front brakes for?". I helped them along by answering their question with another question . . . "Have you ever slid down a hill out of control on your mower?"


    That was awesome, you would see their eyes light up and then more questions followed. My throat actually hurts from talking to people today. I could not have asked for more exposure than I have gotten from Showing the Tedbrakes at this Expo.
  3. ted corriher

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    Pretty cool that my camera guys had our footage in Blu Ray so everything was crystal clear for them on the large tv's. If you want to see what they were watching, here are the links to the independant Demos videos as well as me taking them on a high speed slide test run.

    If you are patient enough you can even watch them in HD.

    Independent Demo 1

    Independent Demo 2

    High Speed Slide Testing
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    ted, i posted on the other thread you have pics on, figured i would here too. The guys in the orange longe sleeve shirts are my dad and another crew leader. how to o cool to be in your photos. Do we owe you for exposure!!!! ahaha
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    LOL. I had my camera man prank call Clark from the Video and told him to turn on the news that his video was on there. LOL. He was asking what channel and everything.

    Pretty Funny. No, we want the exposure too because they do work very good and possibly some lives will be saved. From my understanding there are 30-50 fatalities involving ZTR mowers every year. Most of those are from losing control, sliding down a slope, and either going over a retaining wall or going into the water and drowning. Neither one sounds like a very good way to die.

    I can't see how having front brakes on a ZTR mower would be bad when you are on a slope.
  6. ted corriher

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    Thanks to everyone from that came by our booth at the GIE Expo. Special thanks to Don Woods from Lawnsite for putting us in contact with several manufacturers as well.
  7. ted corriher

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    The last video we did features NoBrakes VS. Tedbrakes as well as other important tests. Check it out and let me know what you guys think about the results after watching.

    No Brakes VS. Tedbrakes Video
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    I think you've answered a lot of concerns about the weight transfer and how they handle in wet conditions. I really can't think of anything else you could do to prove that the system works. Have you heard back from anyone from the at the expo yet?
  9. ted corriher

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    It was only last weekend when we unveiled the Tedbrake at the GIE Expo. We had good response from the manufacturers at the show, and now we need your help.

    If you have watched the videos and think that this could help save someones life from sliding out of control down a hill and going over a retaining wall or into a lake or pond, please click on the link below.

    By contacting the manufacturers, they will be made aware that there is interest from consumers to have this important piece of safety equipment be added to their mowers.

    Contact your Zero Turn Mower Manufacturer

    Please post back on this thread if you do contact them so that we will know that you did.

    Thanks so much in Advance.
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  10. ted corriher

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    You have got to be kidding me!

    Nobody out of the 5000+ views of people reading this thread that has watched the videos thought that the front brakes could help save someone's life or make these thousand pound plus machines safer?

    I find that hard to believe. . . especially with the LCO body count from rollover and drownings due to mowing on slopes . . .

    Surely someone contacted their ZTR manufacturer and requested the brakes be added???

    Talk about needing a GRASS ROOTS Campaign . . . I am literally stunned.

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