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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. 1993lx172

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    No problem Ted, I may take the leap and get a ztr in the next few years (will have to see how 2010 goes and how much next semester is going to cost). If I get one (Deere) will the kit be available for sale if the manufactures don't bite soon?
  2. lotsagrass

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    Maybe I missed the answer if it's been asked already (the discussion is rather long) but what's the cost of the brake system? Owner installable?

    Interesting thing I saw today on Hustler Turf's web site for their ATZ model, since we're talking about hills (their model made for hills) has factory installed wheel weights that other seemed to frown on when I asked about wheel weights as well as the AT101 chevron tires factory installed (same as the eXmark Frontrunner tires).
  3. ted corriher

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    I have between $650 and $850 involved at full retail for all of the parts and labor to install them on the different models I have put them on. This doesn't include the close to 100K that I have personally invested in RND, testing, patent fees, attorney fees, as well as what my booth cost at the GIE Expo.

    I did just clear it to sell the Tedbrakes Front Braking System on Ebay. They will be mounted to any NEW Commercial Bad Boy Mower that they make. I will post a link to where they are on Ebay as soon as I get them on there. You will be buying the Brakes that just happened to be attached to the New Bad Boy Mower of your choice.

    Because of the welding, and custom design for each and every mower I have put them on, it would be nearly impossible to ever offer this to the end consumer as a Kit. Just too many mowers out there in service for me to retro fit something for all of them. I have a full time job already that is paying the bills while I invented the TedBrakes.

    If i did find time to make kits, I would be caught up in liability issues with consumers using welding torches and machining the spindles as well as putting them on incorrectly . . .

    Seems like if Hustler was looking to make a model "made for hills" then they might want to put some front brakes on it.
  4. lotsagrass

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    Ok, thanks for the info. Had I known about your dealership before I bought my eXmark, I may have bought a Bad Boy if they offered 0% for 24 months. Looks like there's some good deals to be had. Maybe next time around :)
  5. Richard Martin

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    So you're looking at what? $1300 to $1500 installed after all costs and profits are accounted for? I'm just guessing here, not trying to give you a hard time.
  6. ted corriher

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    No worries, I want to clarify that we are going to be offering the Front Brake System installed on NEW Commercial Bad Boy Mowers for $650 on top of the price of the new mower that has ROPS installed as well (whichever model you choose AOS, AOS Diesel, Lightning). We are offering to put them on at our cost, but when you buy the brakes, you also are getting a new Bad Boy.

    When a manufacturer goes to buying the components in volume, you can expect the cost to be a lot less when they start putting them on at the factory.
  7. ted corriher

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    Here is the Ebay Link to buy the brakes for $650 . . . remember that if you buy the brakes, you are also agreeing to buy a NEW Commercial Bad Boy Mower of your choice from any combination of deck and engine . . . AOS, AOS Diesel, or Lightning Models.

    This was the only way my Attorney advised me to sell them not being the manufacturer of the mower . . .

    Front Brake Systems will not be sold on mowers without ROPS and SEATBELTS.
  8. Richard Martin

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    Well, don't you also sell Bad Boy mowers? So someone could buy direct from you and get the brakes installed? Your pricing on Bad Boy mowers is pretty competitive too isn't it? Or is that something we're not supposed to talk about?
  9. Richard Martin

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    We're both posting messages at the same time. Jinx
  10. Kutz Lawns

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    I just spent about 2 hours reading this whole thread and watching every VID there was and I am impressed with the front brakes idea!

    I don't need them because we have no high slopes here in Southern DE & is flat as a board. But for those of you who do it might be a great option. I say option because it should be optional if they ever become available on ZTR's from the factory because if you don't need them we shouldn't have to pay for them.

    One post said brakes might be better on all 4 wheels and that's what I was thinking the whole time I was reading the thread!

    Ted, just my opinion but I think your going about selling the idea the wrong way, you buy the brakes on eBay but you agree to buy a new Bad Boy mower in the deal, that's insane! Shouldn't it be sold as a option from Bad Boy factory?

    $650 Brake Kit
    $200 Shipping
    Installation Extra
    No Warranty on Brakes
    No Warranty on Front Spindles from Bad Boy
    Sign a Waiver of Product Liability Required

    WOW, that's a high price!

    So you go to your nearest Bad Boy dealer and tell him you just bought brakes from you on eBay and then he tells you what your going to pay for your next machine and it has to mandatory that it has ROPS and seat belts too?

    Is a Bad Boy mower a set price and that's what you pay at any dealer?

    Am I missing something here or maybe I shouldn't have posted this?

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