Zero Turn Mower - Front Disc Brakes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Aug 11, 2009.

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    I think to a point, its not even Govt, but lawyers/sympathetic juries/bone head judges...which create the need the for manufacturers to "protect themselves" from the lawsuit.

    Lets say that bad boy mowers puts the brakes on their machines... someone will kill themselves even though the machine has brakes.... How will it happen. someone will feel invincible withe brakes and they will continue to "push the envelope" and as said earlier. you can't fix stupid.

    Remove all warning labels....the problem will solve itself...

    some funny warning label quotes...
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  3. marcuslawnguy

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    this is a interesting idea with the brakes for ZTRs when the whole situation has been solved with 4x4 tractors and mowers on a boom. lmao This might get the job done some of the time but the right equipment will get it done every time. My life is very important to me and if I had to mow some of the slopes that you guys do my equipment choice would reflect for my safety. Just my two cents. I'm just surprised that no one has even mention that there is already equipment for these type of mowing situations.
  4. milo

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    theres another point...
    look ted, i think your brakes look nice but i am saying you think in the 25 + years ztr's were around no one thought of this???? they did hell alot of us did but the fact is this overall there is no need for them.. please tell me how you would sell this to a exmark? scag? hustler? bad boy?
    1. there are to many what if's 2. cost 3. new design.. the list goes on and on. another thing, what if hill is wet? brakes or no brakes your going to slide down the hill period mostly with slick tires or what your gonna add a abs system? tires with tread on front.
    facts are facts. the fact is this, the real cost to bring a item like this to a mower would be $1000.00 + easy.. hell i just put in belt on my hustler super z and the belt was $59.99 for 1 belt and there are so many what if's and if worth having or not and in the big picture no they are useless period.....
    now as for your mower with them on thats fine and you did a nice job with it but thats all it is a nice thing you made for your mower
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    i totally agree! couple months ago i was mowing a pretty steep wet hill around a pond, well the tiger lost its grip and slid sideways down the hill then stoped only inches from the pond! i brought the grass down with me trying to stop that beast! so if the two wheels in the back with lots of traction on them couldn't stop it how are two wheels with zero traction on em gonna stop that beast? plus theirs not to much weight in the front of a z so that doesn't help ether!

    hey ted slame those brakes on going down a 55 degree slope then i might be convinced!:laugh::laugh:
  6. ALC-GregH

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    you guys really are that dumb. :dizzy::dizzy:

    I would bet my life savings that had your mower had the brakes on it that it wouldn't have slid in the first place.
  7. Puddle of Oil

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    so i guess when you slam on your brakes in the truck on ice it will come to an instant stop, right. cuz i mean you put the brakes on so it has to work right???? regardless of the road/terrain conditions! the hill i was on would have done nothing but destroy the hill if you put two more brakes on. those brakes might have helped you on that bunny hill of yours but wait till you do some steep ones, its not easy stopping 1500 lb mower from sliding down a steep wet hill! heck if i remember ill post some pictures of of that steep hill when i mow it thursday!:weightlifter:
  8. milo

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    i still did not get any replys or answers to my last posts but your point is perfect...
    now back to why i dont see people with the rops up mowing???? i know why cause 98% of the people dont think they need them
    why dont you see people wearing eye protection??? cause nothing will ever hit there eye..
    why do people wear shorts and no shirts??? cause its too hot and im to young for skin cancer...
    why no steel toe boots???? to hot and cost to much...

    you guys really want to make ztr's safer use them for what they are made for....
    next, you want ztr's safer really??? then maybe they should be inspected every year like cars.
    i can really say my biggest fear while working is me getting hit by a car trimming by curbs or opening and closing my gate
  9. kjslawn

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    WET Grass is not equal to Ice And Yes those to front brakes and the hydros on the back would have helped you. I see this as an option just like a suspention seat If you dont want it dont buy it. Some of you on here are just so opposed to this it really is funny.
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    opposed to it...yes but for total financial reasons. this will jack the price $500+ on a new machine. plus the extra cost associated with upkeep. just like Rops is a a waste of metal, think of all the wasted copper wires on all the safety switches...extra headaches to go through when stuff isn't working....and on and on...

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