Zero Turn Mower - Front Disc Brakes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Obviously the two wheels in the back didn't have a lot of traction. I've never slid a mower when the rear wheels have traction. It's only when they break loose is there a problem.

    If I ever find myself nose-down a steep hill, which I try to avoid, but sometimes it's inevitable, I pretend I'm driving my truck on ice. Pull back the sticks in fast jerky motions, like pumping the brakes on a car. When somebody pulls the sticks back going down a hill, it's a guaranteed slide. The rear wheels are going too fast backward to stop the machine. In order to stop the machine, the tires need to be going the same speed as the machine. The tires are what make contact to the ground. If you can slow the tires, you can slow the machine.

    In a slide, front brakes and controlled reversing sticks will stop almost all slides.
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    I appreciate everyone's input. This is going to be a quick post tonight with some pictures of the new braking system mounted. I wish I was quicker about getting a demo video up . . . but I do have a full time job as the owner of Everything Attachments and that business takes up a tremendous amount of time.

    Here are the pics.





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    much cleaner looking install. with the hoses better contained and such...
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    This design is definitely cleaner. Thanks to everyone for their comments as it helps us to really develop these brakes. I am excited to say that we are doing our best to schedule testing hopefully next week.

    Although a 55 degree slope is a little steep on the expectations for a grassy surface, we will have a slope indicator with us so that we will be able to share that valuable information in our testing video.
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    For those advocating that the principles of Darwinism should rule in this complex technological world with the resultant weeding out of the unfit, I am all for it for you, so long as you hurt no one else in the process but you and yours.

    However, allow the rest of us the humility to accept that we don't know everything, will not be at the top of our game every instant, will grow older with a self image that might not keep pace with the reality of our years, and cannot anticipate every contingency.

    Therefore, remove all the switches, air bags or whatever safety equipment you want. I will choose to leave them on. At the end of the day, my strong suspicion is that Darwinism will prevail but, probably not in the way that you had hoped.
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    well said nathan...

    However we are responsible for our actions, whether we we are old, drunk, feeble, stupid, ect...Too long the response has been "i'm sorry" or "I didn't mean for it to happen", "I wasn't paying attention". As we know, and have known since man started beating things with sticks. Tools can kill, maim, and otehr wise ruin lives. If you learn how to safely operate said tools, and do so (this is the key). You will not have incidents.

    An accident is an occurrence which is due neither to design nor to negligence.

    We have a lot of negligent operators (homeowner and professional) out there (myslef included) and its always a shame when bad things happen to good people, but by and large these wounds are self inflicted. And Darwin is an equal opportunity offender.

    Last February I was operating a mini ex with about 7 people in close proximity. I would dig the trench swing the unit around dump the soil and swing back for another dig. The guy working were following behind laying 6" perf pipe, fabric and 57 stone.

    I was in my 2nd day of running the machine. operation was smooth. And I got to the point where I was looking at the bucket and not where it was going (tunnel vision) as I swung the bucket to the right I dumped the load and swung it back around to the left. The next thing I saw was my boss laying the trench. Thankfully no injuries. After I swung out of the way the boss came in to get a closer look at something and had bent over near the front of the machine. had I not had "tunnel vision" I may have seen my boss hop in front of me. Granted he knows better than to jump in the danger zone but as the operator the ultimate culpability falls on my shoulders.
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    Ted, will there be a design compatible with the new Outlaw?
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    i still think this would be a great "option" for mower makers to make available, but not standard. that would jsut increase too much for everyone. i however would have loved my kubotas to have this option when we bought them.
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    We will be at the GIE EXPO in Louisville KY on Oct 29-31. Our booth number is 10126. Our main goal is to see what interest this sparks with the "major manufacturers".

    Pressure to get our new testing video done is on. I am in the process of mounting this braking system on a Kubota and a Bush Hog ZTR model. I will have three units on display with disc brakes as well as a Bad Boy Mower with an improved drag brake design.

    Anyone here going to be there?

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