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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tropical Trim, Jun 7, 2001.

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    I'm considering buying a Zero turn for large area mowing. We have a Scag and Exmark dealer here in our local. Would appreciate some input on reliability, mowing performance(cut quality) at lower heights, fuel efficiency between Kohler and Kawasaki, ease of maintenance(blade sharpening, oil change, room for engine work, etc.), any other information that would help me make a buying decision Thanks for the help!
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    Nice to have you on board. The search feature above is the key to your information. Not to sound like I don't want to answer but there has been so much written about this topic I cant even begin. There also is a member on the board in your neighborhood - Paradise Lawn Service, look for him in the member list and send him a PM, as he is closest to your market and knows his stuff on Island mowing.
    Your question about engines is also a hot topic. Kohler and Kawi both have many fans here, all I will say is stay away from Kohler 25 hp's unless you need an anchor for whale watching;) (I had bad luck with a 1998 Kohler 25)
    The other thing to remember here is that what is written is one persons opinion, good luck and welcome again.
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    i have 20 hrs on my 60 inch 25 kohler exmark lazer z. so far it has been great. i did an extensive search last year on ztrs to see which one i wanted to buy. it was down to exmark and the scag turf tiger. i picked exmark due to all the recommendations of people that had them and liked them so much. the cut quality is awesome. if you are looking for the best cut possible go with exmark. i hear that the scag will last the longer if you beat the piss out of it. it has a thrid beam underneath where other ztrs dont. ill recommend exmark though. cant help you out on maintenece because i havent had to do any yet
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    Welcome to Lawnsite and it's good to have you aboard. All the "glitches" with the 25 hp Kohlers have been taken care of, and they are all now performing great. As far as mowers, I think you'll find that if you go with the Exmark, you'll be alot better off. There are just too many people who are disappointed with their Scags. Alot of cut quality issues and off camber spindles and such. Just alot of uneven cuts. With the Exmark, it's a sure bet, not to mention the excellent service and factory support. Oh, by the way, your name is about enough to make me sick. Anytime you can introduce the word "Tropical" into something and have it be literal, can make us snowpeople think maybe we're in the wrong place!:rolleyes: LOL Good luck, and enjoy!
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    I have ran scag equipment for years now and I am presently switching to exmark because of the quality of cut. Try to demo both of them because they both have different strong points.

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