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Zero turn mowers

Coastal Lawn

LawnSite Member
Odessa, Florida
Preparing to buy either a Gravely 252 or a Bad Boy 52 . relatively new to the area of Florida and St Augustine grass. Any help please.


LawnSite Senior Member
I recently tested both the Gravely and the Bad Boy. I thought the Bad Boy sat too high, and didn't ride a nicley as the Gravely. Another concern was wheather parts would be available for the Bad Boy. Bad Boy is very new to this area and the only dealer near me is very small and hasn't been open too long to my knowledge. I also called Bad Boy's corporate and was given a price on a new unit with a 27hp liquid cooled Kawi that was less than what the dealer quoted me for a faded demo. When I finally get around to replacing my TT, It looks like I will go Gravely.


LawnSite Member
I love my new bad boy. i have 22 hrs on it now and no complaints