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Zero Turn options?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Alpine Lanscape, May 25, 2003.

  1. Alpine Lanscape

    Alpine Lanscape LawnSite Member
    Messages: 6

    I have been looking at ZTR's for the past month.I live in California and see very few LCO's using ZTR's due to limited space. I have owned several walkbehinds: 36" Scag, 37" Toro and a 36" Ferris., and most recently a LX 255 lawn tractor by John Deere. Each had their own unique qualities; the Scag was durable and fast, but suffered from consistant belt slippage and doubled as a "home gym"due to the workout it gave you! The Toro mulched well and the T-Bar system was far superior to the pistol grips. It's top speed was a little slow and it wasen't quit as solid as the Scag but was an upgrade in my opinion. The Deere tractor was about the same price as the walkbehinds and much more operator friendly. Suprisingly, it also delivered the nicest cut. I have put well over 1000 hours on it and found out what "exceptional service" is all about. From sales to service, my Deere dealership far exceeded my expectations.
    I recently demoed several ZTR's at the same site for 2 hours each and came to these conclusions:
    Gravely Pm 148 (6200.00) - Well built with many nice standard features such as a deep deck, hydro deck lift, standard double blade kit, large tires etc.. It was a little to cramped for my 6"4 frame, but cut well and appeared to be a solid choice.
    Lesco Z2 54' (6000.00) Solid, well handling and more than enough power! Very comfortable and left a slightly better cut than the Gravely. Nice unit but it may be a little too big for my needs.
    Exmark lazer CT 48' (5700) I couldn't wait to try an Exmark product due to the positive response I have read about here. Unfortunately, this model was underpowered (18 Koh) and on the slow side (7mph vs. 10 mph) compared to the previous models. It cut well but I had to slow down (5mph) or it would bog down. I was interested in the 48' HP but the dealer would not go below (6600.00) That was too much for my budget and needs.
    John Deere 717 (6300.00-6700.00) A little too expensive but I took it out out of respect for my Deere salesman. It was the best handling (tight spaces) and fastest cutting machine (along with the Lesco). Both will cut grass at full speed without missing a beat. It also left the best stripes of the bunch. But the bottom line was the price was too much for me. I really struggled with the decision but decided to go with the Exmark. I dropped by the Deere dealership as they had found someone to buy my LX 255 and realized several things: 1) I loved this dealership and their friendly, outstanding service. They had bent over backwards several times to replace and/or repair problems that were caused by me. They always treated me as a friend, as part of the Deere family. Everyone, from parts, to sales, to service, delivered the utmost in customer service and satisfaction. At that moment I decided to spend the extra for the mower I liked the most, and in addition get the best service I could ever hope for. I love my mower and I love my dealership but unfortunately can no longer give blood, as its turned John Deere GREEN!
  2. Albemarle Lawn

    Albemarle Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,544

    Wow not bad for homeowner equipt. in commercial use.

    Good choice on the John Deere. All the other mowers you mentioned were cheesy, except for the Gravely PM 148 which is built on the 260Z chasis.


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