Zero Turn Speed Race

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    ya thats a mid 90's dixie so dont even take that into concideration.

    BUT GO HUSTLER!!!!!!!haha. you can see where it has the edge over the scag is in take off. The hustler has great power to the pumps and the scag takes a second to get going.
  2. MONTE

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    The Dixie is a mid to late 90's model either a flatlander or a xw chasis I could not tell on the decal on it but it is an old version for sure.
  3. Dogbonz

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    Had to lol at the Exmark racer and the end of the last race,,,,,

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    haha ya he really gained a few seconds on that timer. Thank god cause it was a close race.
  5. demhustler

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    no specs of machines - seems like little dc 10mph version and 27 hp against 37 hp of other brands
    what exact model was dc? (no rops - could be something old; there wasn't ocdc in mid90-th - they come with ocdc came out in early 2000-th, isn't it? )

    anyway, dc should pull their sht together, show actual speed numbers specs - all we have now is only questionable productivity ratings (which all depends on conditions...)

    p.s. congrats to hustler

    Zero Turn Mower Race 201119.jpg


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  6. demhustler

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    hustler made me proud - 15 mph industrial duty hydros - and 16 mph cheetah newer had a chance;
    this hand speed shifter - Scag's stupid idea - guy been trying to use it (pict) - didn't worked in real race and not gonna work in real life either - they better learn from Husqvarna (with way smarter setup ...)
    Zero Turn Mower Race 201122a.jpg
    with equal hp and drivetrain efficiency, in the end of the race on the pavement, 16 mph cheeta needed 4-5 sec to catch up with 15 mph hustler - she had 6 sec after the turn - and newer made it...

    Zero Turn Mower Race 201122a.jpg
  7. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    LOL That chopper has 25 hp when it was built that ws the biggest motor anybody had
    They use to show speed in there spec. notice last 5 yrs they stop showing speed
    My friend has a hustler 37 hp and he wanted to race my 2011 chopper 33hp
    He talk it up and yes its fast but it cant mow clean cut at that speed

    We race was a tied everytime so for tie breaker we race backwards
    Will chopper goes 15 mph both ways unlike a Hustler its 15/8
    We did another test the ride test at high speed we traded mowers
    Im glad I have a chopper My friend said its ok that was it
    But if I ever change brand would be a Hustler I would change the tires
  8. djagusch

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    The guy on the cheetah in the grass messed up one turn for sure.

    Any video of them at top speed what the difference is?

    Any gph on the 37hp kawi on the hustler? I bet it drinks it pretty fast with the engine/hydro combo.
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  9. demhustler

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    sure, with no specs - no real or fair comparison

    but that's a good start - such events must have more publicity - than specs will be known from participants and organisers

    looking forward to see also equal class (or top of the line) DC, BB (15 mph rated), Husqvarna (18 mph)

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    The Exmark guy def did the best show in the beginning.

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