Zero turn vs mid or rear mount tractor mower...

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dcpark, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. dcpark

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    studying in this site, i am wondering the difference of Zero turn vs mid or rear mount tractor mower.

    when i read many thread in this site, people are talking about zero turn.

    commercially, mid mount or rear mount tractor mower are not used ?

    i wondering the performance of two kind of machine..

    which one is better zero turn or mid mount or rear mount tractor mower ?

    if you have more knowledge, please answer my question...

    thank you for your answer, in advance
  2. John Gamba

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    Zero turn Mid mounts are used. not tractor mid or rear mounts. the Zero turns turn faster then the car like steering on a tractor.
  3. lickliss

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    I gather from your question you are thinking of jumping in the game. I can suggest only one thing. Whatever you buy, buy based on the dealer. When you pay over 4000 dollars for a lawn mower, it better be good and the warranty should as well. What stands between you, your money and what you get for it is the dealer himself. For example; when you are starting out generally you will have one rider and one push mower and a trimmer and you will be mowing all over the place to try and make a buck. This is not a recommended scenario, just the one that occurs most. In this situation you MUST have adealer who will loan you a demo machine to finish the days work when that brand new zero turn has a problem. Saving $100 by driving to the next town to buy a mower is never the answer. Shop local ASK upfront if the dealer will let you have the demo in the situation described and above all demo several machines before buying. Everyone has different skill sets so maybe you plan on doing all your wrenching. I let my dealer change my eblts and do oil changes. I sharpen my own blades because it jams up his shop, but our relationship is excellent and I get what I need when I need it. If I break down he brings a demo on the trailer and picks up mine on site. I think that is the key to selecting equipment.
    Kurt Lickiss
    Kurt & Bert's Lawn Services
  4. verant

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    commercial zero turn all the way man...lok at Kubota, that's what i got

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