Zero turn vs walk behind mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Garrett Quealy, May 12, 2018.


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    Ideally I'll always have both. I just got my first ztr after years of using only a walk behind. the ztr is great for wide open lawns but on smaller lawns the WB is more convenient and precise. Plus I really don't like sitting all day long. They both have pros and cons . Depends on your lawns and if a ztr will really increase efficiency or not. I've found a few of my big lawns have steep hills or tight spots I can't get close to with the rider... so I end up w more trimming unless I use the WB on those parts.
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    If you get a Z, make sure you get one with a suspension seat. I had back surgery 3 years ago and sold my Kubota ZG327 on the advice of my surgeon. He said he had a lot of patients from using those. So I bought a Scag walk behind 52" and walked my 3 acres for 2 years. Then I saw the Tiger Cat with that seat - one ride and it was trade in time. It has the 52" deck and I saved a couple sets of blades to swap out. In my opinion, having used both on the same property, the Z is much faster and I am not worn out when I finish. I'm 58 so you young guys may be in better shape. Whatever you do, PLEASE take care of your back, my surgery worked but it was many years of pain before I got it.
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    Ive got ztr, push and standers. My favorite is a stander by far. Just my 2 cents. Alot depends on the property youre mowing also
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    I have a hydro walkbehind which I love and still use alot but I picked up a Wright stander Sentar its kind of the best of both worlds. Standing the controls are a little short I don't notice much difference. Way faster in open turf. But no replacement for the walk behind on hills.
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    Ive actually never used my hydro walk behind on a hill. I going to have to try it out now and see
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    Wow that looks clean
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    Z's are great for flat(ish) or gradual rolling hills and wide areas. They typically have 2-4 mph faster ground speed over a walk behind. Think of them as the Cadillac in the mowing world

    HOWEVER they do cost 2x as much and depending on accessories can really burn out pumps and wheel motors with their weight... while a walk behind typically have the same volume pumps but a lot less weight to move around all those hours...they just are more reliable IMHO and easier to access/fix if you turn the wrench yourself. Think of walk behinds as the F-150 of the mowing world

    nothing out beats a walkbehind on hills...I mow I have walk behinds, but a stander is the middle ground and does well on hills, just about the same when you fold up the platform and operate it such

    standers usually zip up to 8mph, vs a z's 10mph, and a walk behind 6.5mph.. but how fast do you really mow given the terrain?

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