Zero turn vs walk behind mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Garrett Quealy, May 12, 2018.


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    Ideally I'll always have both. I just got my first ztr after years of using only a walk behind. the ztr is great for wide open lawns but on smaller lawns the WB is more convenient and precise. Plus I really don't like sitting all day long. They both have pros and cons . Depends on your lawns and if a ztr will really increase efficiency or not. I've found a few of my big lawns have steep hills or tight spots I can't get close to with the rider... so I end up w more trimming unless I use the WB on those parts.
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    If you get a Z, make sure you get one with a suspension seat. I had back surgery 3 years ago and sold my Kubota ZG327 on the advice of my surgeon. He said he had a lot of patients from using those. So I bought a Scag walk behind 52" and walked my 3 acres for 2 years. Then I saw the Tiger Cat with that seat - one ride and it was trade in time. It has the 52" deck and I saved a couple sets of blades to swap out. In my opinion, having used both on the same property, the Z is much faster and I am not worn out when I finish. I'm 58 so you young guys may be in better shape. Whatever you do, PLEASE take care of your back, my surgery worked but it was many years of pain before I got it.
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    Ive got ztr, push and standers. My favorite is a stander by far. Just my 2 cents. Alot depends on the property youre mowing also
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    I have a hydro walkbehind which I love and still use alot but I picked up a Wright stander Sentar its kind of the best of both worlds. Standing the controls are a little short I don't notice much difference. Way faster in open turf. But no replacement for the walk behind on hills.
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    Ive actually never used my hydro walk behind on a hill. I going to have to try it out now and see

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