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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassclipper, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. grassclipper

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    Does anyone besides SCAG make a Zero Turn walk behind?
  2. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    Any hydro walk behind is a ztr WB.

    A belt drive is like one, but you have to pull one side of the mower and push the other to make it spin like one. Not really a true zero turn, but can turn like one with some man-power. A belt drive will turn around a dime because if you lock one wheel it pivots around a point which would be the tire that is locked. A true ztr turns on a dime. It makes a 360 on top of a dime not around it. It achieves this by having one rear tire spin in the opposite direction of the other rear tire. Like I said you can make a belt drive do it, you just need to lock the tires in the neutral position and turn it yourself. A hydro does the work for you.
  3. TClawn

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    yes, every hydro walkbehind mower can do a zero turn.
    to name a few, exmark turf tracer, exmark viking, hustler super walkbehind, lesco, john deere hydro walkbehind, and wright velke mower.

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