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Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by customcut, Nov 4, 2001.

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    Allrighty then, i bought a Gravely zero turn this year and went back to check out some accesories and was told the dealer was sick and most likely wouldnt return this was in dayton,ohio...ok there is a dealer in centerville and i havent been there yet but seen your dealer forum and was wondering if maybe you could answer a few questions.#1 do you make a bagger unit for my mower its the 50 inch deck #2 do you guys have a double blade set up for this mower#3 do you sell these products on-line i checked your website and couldnt find the answers there.thanks in advance,Kenny:confused:
  2. The Gladiator

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    Greeting, Well, to answer your questions on your Gravely zero turn unit,

    1) We do have a catcher available p/n 892005 which is a three bag system with grass pump. We are currently modifying the attachment bracket and belt cover from our 60" unit to allow this unit to fit the 50" decks. This modification should be finished by weeks end. Should you decide to purchase this catcher from your local dealer, please have them contact the factory for the catcher and the necessary attachment bracket.

    2) Currently we do not have a double blade system available for our zero turn models, however we will be testing that system soon to see if they will pass the ANSI specification. Should we find that they would pass the specifications, would you be interested in purchasing the system?

    3) Currently the Gravely products are not available on-line mainly because we feel as I'm sure you agree the relationship between the dealer and commercial cutters is very important so that your needs and expectations are met.
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