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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by cast1, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. cast1

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    My wife and I are buying a house that has not quite one acre of land. Our next home will likely have a larger yard, but I would think no more than 5 acres to mow. Here's the question. Do I buy a larger commercial machine now, or buy one of the residential grade zero turns and buy a bigger one with the next home and keep the smaller one for trim work? I am looking pretty hard at cub cadet. Z-force 44 with 20 hp B&S Intek is $3500. The commercial M48-khs with 18 kohler is $4999. Most attractive thing about CC is that they have 12 months 0% financing on the z-force and 36 months on the commercial. What say the proffesionals and what alternatives would you recommend? Special financing would be a big plus for a commercial machine. $5500 would probably be absolute max on any commercial right now. Later, I will be able to spend what I choose.

  2. Lombardi

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    I have not yet seen a residential ZTR that I would buy. But you could buy a lawn tractor that is built for home owners. I recommend a JD. Not one from Home Depot, but one from a dealer. ZTR's are limited to mainly just mowing lawns. A lawn tractor can be used for several different tasks depending on your needs. I would get a 54-60" deck.
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    Take a look at the Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle series. I bought one last year and enjoy it thoroughly. It can pull 250# easily, so I also use it as a utility tractor. If you want to plow snow, however, step up to the commercial series which has heavier pumps and is able to handle plowing easily.
  4. The C Man

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    You're buying a house now and you're already worried about how much lawn you'll have on your NEXT house? I say don't look that far ahead, just buy what you need for your current house-to-be.
  5. cast1

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    Good point C man. I may just say heck with it and get a JD lawn tractor for now and see what the future holds.

  6. mowhigh

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    For less than an acre, you can easily get by with the JD 110 (recently at $1499) with its 42" deck. You might also consider the SST-15 ($2399) with its zero-turn spin steering (especially if you prefer a traditional steering wheel). I would avoid B&S engines (with the possibnle exception of the Vanguard). If you still want to consider a ZTR, check out the Country Clipper JAZee (a heavy duty 'estate' mower that had no trouble handling my overgrown section) with its convenient flip-up deck and easy single joystick control. The 17hp/42" starts at $3995. Good luck!

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