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Zero turners

Third Day

LawnSite Member
Lazer Z 60 in 25 HP Kohler MSRP $ 8199.95
Lazer Z 72 in 25 HP Kohler MSRP $ 8499.95
Got these prices out of a magazine from a supplier, You should be able to find them about $200-$300 cheeper at your dealer.

Third Day

LawnSite Member
Lazer how much is your local dealer charging and where is he located ? By the way it always helps to know people in the right places, My local dealer wanted $6400 tax/tag/title for the 44in ztr but I knew a wholesaler and got it for $5400 tax/tag/title.

Third Day

LawnSite Member
I almost forgot the 60 in liquid cooled 22HP Kawi MSRP $8899.95!!!!!!!!


LawnSite Bronze Member
The 44 is a completely different animal.

I personally know the dealer! (Probably 40+ people work there.)

He gets that kinda money out of everybody. I guess that's what happens when you have no/limited competition.