Zero Z Master 6000 V. Scag Turf Tiger?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by IngramLawnCare, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Does anyone have experience with either of these zero turns. I need some recommendations on getting one or the other or perhaps another suggestion from another manufacture. Thanks
  2. dathorpe

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    I've owned alot of 500 series Z Masters and I think they're solid machines. Mechanically, the only issues I really ever had were the hydro pumps leaking badly. The deck on the new gen 5000 & 6000 series is the same Turbo Force deck that the 500 series carried. And that's where I have a problem with Toro. Just like Exmark, when the grass is wet with dew, they tend to clump. Because of that, I have to go back over thick areas a second time. Countless man hours wasted. I'm currently in the process of selecting new zeros and I'm leaning toward getting Scag Turf Tigers so that I might be able to cut grass covered in morning dew without clumps all over the lawn and just maybe... for once... not have to spend time SCRAPIN' FRIGGIN' DECKS BECAUSE THEY ARE PACKED WITH CLIPPINGS! I am trying to pick up the pace of my lawn crew and therefore I'm moving away from clumping decks and towards a deck (possibly Velocity by Scag) that can help me be more efficient with the mowing crew.

    That's why I'm also looking at EFI engines...

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